1. sabag123

    earphones recommendation for iphoen 5 / 100$

    Hi , I'm looking for Earphones for Iphone 5 with good quality. price : 100$ I'm looking for earphones only and not over-ear. Thanks !
  2. kodreaming

    Where can I buy shure olive foams

    I got my ER-4P last week.The ety's foams are not very confortable. It seems that a lot ppl use Shure olive foams with their ER-4P. But,where can I buy some of those ? Thanks
  3. Crystal-Earwax

    Recommendations please: IEM'S between 90 and 130 bucks

    Any recommendations of IEM'S that has detachable cables, comply foam tips, good isolation, good bass but not to much, highs that are clear and don't sound rough. $90 to $130 only please.
  4. Duffy1207

    Worried about UK cutoms/import tax

    Hi guys. You head-fier's have persuaded me to splash out a little and buy som UM1's. I'm 16 so UM1's are probably about the best IEM's I can afford atm. I live in the UK, and UK dealers want £89.99 for a set, or about the equivalent of $180. I found that do UM1's for...
  5. music065

    Are High-End Headphones Addictive?

    Is the interaction of quality headphones/iems and the human body kind of like drugs, in that our body quickly develops a tolerance to it, and it keeps taking more and more to give us that "high?" Anyone else had the experience that: you used to feel so great listening to your low-end...
  6. Fungus

    Westone UM series housing size

    Are all the housing of the um1, um2 & um3x the same size?   Or does the size increase with each additional driver added? 
  7. UM1 - Musician's Universal-Fit Single Driver In Ear Monitors - Clear

    UM1 - Musician's Universal-Fit Single Driver In Ear Monitors - Clear

    The Westone UM1 Professional Earphone features a single balanced armature transducer with a passive crossover for each ear and provides up to 25dB of ambient noise attenuation. These earphones are extremely lightweight and are equipped with a durable, ultra-thin cable with a discreet...