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Are High-End Headphones Addictive?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by music065, May 4, 2007.
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  1. music065
    Is the interaction of quality headphones/iems and the human body kind of like drugs, in that our body quickly develops a tolerance to it, and it keeps taking more and more to give us that "high?"

    Anyone else had the experience that: you used to feel so great listening to your low-end equipment, but after you had a chance to try some better stuff for a significant length of time, your lower-end stuff not only no longer made you feel good like it used to, but it almost seemed unbearable to listen to, would give you a headache, etc?

    It makes one wonder. What if one was stuck on an island or something and they had to listen to their lower-end stuff forever, and never were exposed to higher end equipment? Perhaps the lower end equipment would keep giving them that great feeling forever, as long as they weren't exposed to more quality equipment?

    I used to feel a natural high when I listened to my Sony Walkman & buds in the mid 90s. But then something better came along that I started to use, and then the Walkman no longer got me high.

    Same thing happened just recently. Had the Creative eps630 iems, and they made me feel great when I listened to music. After my friend let me borrow his UM1's they got me high, and the eps630 no longer did anything for me.
    I had to buy some UM1s. Then I got turned onto some Superfi.5Pros, and now they will give me that natural high, but the UM1s don't do much for me.

    None of the former iems above will do much for me now, when I try to revert back to them. Human physiology is interesting.

    Anyone else had this strange experience of owning equipment that you used to really really enjoy listening to, but now its almost unbearable to listen to and actually gives you a headache, etc?
  2. nickchen
    Typical nerd thing around here. Went through that several times. Curious 'bout the fons that make me throw away my actual gear.
  3. DSlayerZX
    I guess it is human nature, you tend to enjoy higher quality things, and once you get use to it, is hard to get back.
    Yes, that effect happen to me everything I went back home during break and found my sis' sound system in her room being bad.

    But then again, if you listen to low quality music for a while, you tend to adapt to it and forgot the real "great" sound. I know I did, after not listening to my headphones for like... 1 month... I went from wanted to throw away my speakers until thinking they are ok, then to thinking they are good. Then I went back to my headphone set up and realized how much I was missing
  4. Digitalbath3737
    I used to be happy with iBuds. Then i moved up the ladder. Now listening to iBuds makes me feel empty. Even my Super fi 3s feel very shallow
  5. denl82

    Originally Posted by DSlayerZX /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    But then again, if you listen to low quality music for a while, you tend to adapt to it and forgot the real "great" sound.

    I agree with this. But I gotta say, I've been listening to more classical music simply because it's better recorded than a lot of electronic music I listen to, and that high-quality sound IS addictive[​IMG]
  6. blinx
    the real headphone addiction test is to stop using your hifi for a week. and listen to crappy stuff like ibuds and my car stereo.

    if you cant handle it and you cant last a week, then you are addicted
  7. nickknutson
    I can't stand crappy cans anymore...I'm ruined for life!
  8. F107plus5
    Gotta admit it; I'm hooked.[​IMG]
  9. Morph201
    Of course they're addictive! Same chemical reactions as eating chocolat, or sex... hence the phrase eargasm! [​IMG]
  10. cedric
    You cannot stay content forever.
  11. jcn3
    great sound is addictive -- once you've had it, you can't turn back!
  12. Morph201

    Originally Posted by cedric /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    You cannot stay content forever.

    Of course not!! My usual pattern was a rig\gear change every other week! [​IMG] I develop a quick tolernace, so the need to upgrade OFTEN! But for now I think I can hang in there for 6 months or so.... then it'll be time to INCREASE THE DOSAGE!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! [​IMG]
  13. epaludo
    I'm addicted. I can't stop researching for headphones and audio gear in general ...
  14. Redo
    I don't know about "High-End", but my SR225's sure are addictive!!!

    I think after your first taste of what audio can really sound like, you're hooked. For me, it was auditioning some Monitor Audio speakers at a Hi-Fi shop. It was a properly setup room, a nice Meridian CDP with a dedicated power supply, a great pre-amp and two monoblocks. The dealer put in Abraxas and cranked the first song, I was tearing and had goosebumps after the audition.

    Addictive may be a bit light of a term for what audio does to one's self.
  15. fhuang
    yes. i lost my um2 last week and i've been missing them badly. i need something good and that can isolate good.
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