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Hifiman: Terrible experience with RE-400i and the company's customer service

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  1. eddypoon
    Bought a Hifiman RE-400i. The remote controller / volume controller is dead on arrival. 
    Raised a refund request, but Hifiman refused to compensate for all related shipping charges. 
    So now, I am penalized to pay, out of my pocket,  both shipping and return postage, totaling more than USD25. 
    Do you think Hifiman is treating its loyal customer fairly? 
  2. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi, could you pm me your purchasing information, and i can process the investigation with our custom service. thanks
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  3. eddypoon
    Thanks for the reach, sent a PM to you.
  4. eddypoon
    To end my Saga: on 02/04/2015, I received a refund of $79 for my purchase price. Hifiman never refunded my buying & return shipping costs. At this point, I am getting sick and tired of this company. Even though the Customer Service team wrote to me on 1/29 :"Thanks for your suggestion. We will advise our high-level management staff for your proposal. Welcome your next patronage for a second time and    we can provide you with preferential services." 

    I emailed to the customer service department of Hifiman and offering my disappointment. The Hifiman company 's CS team offered to 'give me a Fiio amplifier for my compensation'. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I felt sick dealing with this Hifiman company, and just accepted their offering and be done with it. 

    Adding to the insult, do you know what they sent me? I received the package from them today. To my horror, I opened it and found a box of this. They decided to "compensate" me and my experience dealing with this company, and my financial loss of more than $25 in USD in all shipping, with this horrible piece of crap. 

    I advice, every members, to stay away from dealing with Hifiman directly. This company's support function is poorly managed, and gives no respect to its customers.
  5. Mooses9
    sorry to hear about your bad customer service from them, i too have had the same kind of issue with them, i have a hifiman hm-602 that i needed help with and it seemed to go around and around like, they built it, but they seemed to not be able to help me with it, or if they could the help seemed very limited. one thing that was irritating is i call the hifiman american technical phone number. a chinese lady answers and says their technical support team is in china and would need to be reached by email. needless to say we emailed eachother back over and over and i never got anywhere finally i gave up.
    i know this isnt quite like your problem, but it just goes to show how unorganized their technical support and customer service is.  it really comes off to me like they dont care really
  6. proedros
    you are supposed to pay shipping when you sent something over but the return shipping should be Hifiman's obligation
    if they made you pay both shipping fees , well yes this is not cool and it is not worth getting a bad rep for 10$ - it is bad judgement on your company's marketing policy and it looks bad, imho.
    i am a big HFM man , having bought many of their iems but i tell it like it is.
  7. peareye
    If something you just bought arrives DOA then NO, you should not have to pay for anything. You should
    also realize that some of the companies that Head-fiers patronize already have a history built up of how
    they support their customers...
    This company appears to be more of a miss than a hit when it comes to product support. The best way
    to respond is to speak with your wallet and your feet!!!!
    There are a number of very good companies and stores that look after us...they respect us and want our
    business in the future too.
  8. eddypoon

    Thank you for all our member's support and agreement.  
    Oh, and so,  anyone want a Fiio Alisan?.... [​IMG]
  9. Mcgeggy
    Sorry to hear about your experience. I was considering ordering their combo package of HM-700 + RE-400B. Now I am not so sure. Although I wonder if ordering from Amazon might be easier if a similar issue arises?
  10. hk1388

    I think you would still have to send to Hifiman for any repairs. At least I had to when my RE400 cable started messing up.
  11. Mooses9
    i was thinking the exact same thing since it would be under mfg warrenty and they would probably refer you to mfg for repairs unless they would appecpt refunds. its kind of 50/50
    This is the same company whose HM700 won't play most FLAC CD rips made by EAC. Every other FLAC player on the planet plays them fine - including other players from HIFIMAN. They acknowledged the issue, refused to fix it (said that their engineers time was too valuable) and said I should just re-rip my entire collection. It's too bad that most of their gear is so good, because their attitude toward customers sucks.
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  13. Mcgeggy

    Wow, that's crazy. Good thing to know too, since I'm halfway into re ripping my CD collection into flac via EAC!
  14. Mooses9
    i personally dont know why they would have a large basis for sales geared torwards america, yet have technical support SOLELY,based out of CHINA, and you can only reach them by EMAIL? personally when i have a technical support question i want to talk to a live person, i dont want to text,aim,kik,instagram,skpe,tweet,facebook,snapchat, someone to get help. just doesnt make sense
    Always check what/where are the service centers and customer reviews, before buying from a company, however reputable they are, There will be some sort of bad customer service.
    Had one problem with Westone when my 4R had a loose contact, and they sent me back a used 4R in a Westone zippered cloth case. I didn't bother bringing up the issue, as I knew I would have to ship it back again. So I sold it and never looked back!
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