1. Jared2500

    Eliminate noise when using USB-C Dongle as a DAC

    I wanted to share this noise control tip with anyone who is trying to use their dongle as a DAC to feed into a separate amplifier: If you are struggling with noise when converting the dongle's 3.5mm output to an input that your amplifier will accept, I am having great results with the...
  2. pdroid

    [SETUP] On the go hi-fi

    Hello world. I decided that i wanted to show off present my current and first setup, to enjoy the elusive world of hi-fi audio on the go. I would like to encourage you to also present your mobile setup. Source: iPhone SE 2020 - audio vary between Youtube Music Premium and on-device FLAC and...
  3. Tylerdurden389

    Anyone here that can fix a broken, modded, 7th gen ipod classic?

    Hi, I've had 2 people here help me before, but the last person hasn't answered my emails and my device has been bricked for nearly a year now. It had some playback issues for a while where songs would skip over and go sometimes a dozen songs ahead before it played another song, and also there...
  4. C

    2021+ Macbook Pro 14's DAC sounds remarkably good

    I'm not a huge stickler for mobile sound quality as I'm usually listening in loud environments such as coffee shops anyhow. BUT, the output via the 3.5mm jack on a 2021+ Macbook Pro 14" sounds REALLY good. Typically, I listen to streamed music from PC or Mac laptops via an Audioquest Dragonfly...
  5. Apple Airpods Pro 2

    Apple Airpods Pro 2

  6. paulrbarnard

    Apple Spatial Audio

    I couldn’t find a thread on this so thought I would start one to hear people’s impressions. I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick but I did the calibration of my ears and head anyway. I put in my AirPods and played some music. There are two modes of operation. 1 fixed 2 head tracked I...
  7. R

    Soundmagic A30i VS Apple Lightning to MiniJack ?

    hi everyone, i want to buy a Soundmagic A30i portable dac, and i dont know if its worth buying when comparing to the apple lightinng to mini jack. anyone compared the two, how the soundmagic sounds compared to the stock apple dac ? thank you very much.
  8. A

    M1 air pathetic soundstage through 3.5mm jack

    Hi, This is my first thread. I have been using hd 598 since 5 yrs. Browsing head-fi forums reviews, convinced me to purchase it, since then I absolutely love that piece for its comfort and soundstage/mids. I had been using dell laptop of 2014-15 (i7 5th gen ) which has Realtek dac. I had...
  9. R

    MacBook Pro 2021 3.5mm Headphone port - upgraded

    As Daniel L has reported, Apple is improving it's headphone port for quality and to drive sensitive kit. If anyone has experience of it and knows its quality and/or its...
  10. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU unleashes Apple iOS support for the Q-Lock PLUS modular system!

    Ever since our popular, patented quick-switch modular cable system debuted in 2018, users have clamored for digital plugs that directly support their jack-less smartphones. Last year, we released an USB Type-C digital plug for Android, Windows, and macOS/iPadOS devices. Now, the Digital Q-Lock...
  11. R

    Apple preset EQ parametrics

    Could anyone do like a rough estimate or maybe measure what the different Apple eq presets actually doing?
  12. Flak2

    Apple Airpods Pro vs. Klipsch T5 II

    :) Flavio
  13. koto-in

    Fiio LT-LT1 with Shanling UP2

    Anybody get this combination to work? With the iPhone SE, I get an error message that says the UP2 requires too much power.
  14. AZLA Xelastec for Apple Airpods Pro

    AZLA Xelastec for Apple Airpods Pro

    Xelastec is a Thermoplastic elastomer (a mix of rubber and plastic) eartip that changes in shape depending on the user's ear canal. It has an extremely grippy texture that changes form according to the shape of the user's ear canal. Replacement Earbud Tips for Airpods Pro XELASTEC for...
  15. Moulderine

    Apple AirPods Max (Over-Ear Headphones)

    Apple has released its rumoured over ear headphones
  16. haroldlloyd

    AirPods Max Apple today announced AirPods Max, innovative wireless headphones that bring the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. AirPods Max combine a custom...
  17. DekoniAudio

    Introducing Dekoni Audio Bulletz for the Apple Airpods Pros

    Dekoni Audio is proud to introduce our new Bulletz for Apple Airpod Pros. Available in the sizes small, medium and large in both single and triple packs. Today our retail partner is hosting launch weekend for the new sku. Dekoni Audio's Bulletz line was a solution to mediocre ear...
  18. Z

    iPod Classic Generation vs iPod Touch 4th gen DAC?

    Hi all, I've used an iPod Touch 4th gen as my portable player for many years. It's getting on in age, and I'd like to replace it with another iPod (personal preference). I use the headphone jack and my headphones include the Philips SHP9500, Audio-Technica M50X (soon to get M40X as well), and...
  19. emrelights1973

    Airpods pro

    so who is making line outside the Store?
  20. M

    [question] which USB C headphones adapter works with Apple headset?

    Situation: I have two Apple Earpod 3.5mm plug Other than one from Apple, volume control doesn't work. The USB C adapter has rather low volume and I have no idea how to hack. I am still looking for other adapter works with Apple headset. Is there any recommendations?
  21. Strauss & Wagner SI201

    Strauss & Wagner SI201

    Features: Built-in lightning connection for compatibility across iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices Three-button remote with volume and playback adjustment, as well as a microphone for calls and voice commands Integrated microphone allows for clearer audio quality thanks to a sensitivity of -48 dB...
  22. A

    iPod Touch 7th Generation (2019)

    Not sure if anyone is still interested in the iPod Touch, but it looks like Apple quietly released the 7th Gen model this morning. The new model has the A10 chip, which they say has up to two times faster performance and up to three times faster graphics, and enables support for Group FaceTime...

    Powerbeats Pro (Truly Wireless IEM from Apple/Beats)

    The new Powerbeats Pro, a truly wireless successor to Beats’ Powerbeats line, has recently leaked and is expected to launch in April. Powerbeats Pro will be a fitness-oriented IEM. It is expected to include Apple’s new H1 chip which should give it an edge over every other truly wireless...
  24. lamaslamas

    iSine 20 + viper4android settings recommendations

    Would you mind share your eq and other v4a settings? I want to try to improve the sound of this combo without having to switch to apple.... many thanks in advance
  25. kp297

    Unfiltered and straight from the source with Apogee (Kishore Patel, Bharat Patel)

    Preface Hi folks, it’s good to be back! Last time you saw us was when we toured the Audeze factory, and sat down with Sankar Thiagasamudram to discuss the development of high performance planar magnetic headphones. If you haven’t already seen it, please check it out ( We...