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Airpods pro

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  1. emrelights1973
    so who is making line outside the Store?
  2. broopa
    Tempted to try these. I love my gen 1 airpods for running but not sure if these will just fall out of my ears like many more in ear type ones do.
  3. emrelights1973
    The left on does not stat in my ear while i am walking, i bought silicon fins in Order to secure them but they are great for running specially with Apple Watch, no need nothing just the watch.....
  4. avg123
    CNET reviewer says Airpods Pro sounds and has noise cancellation as good as the Sony WF-1000 xm3 and has much better bass than the previous airpods

  5. gundamu
    would these compare to sound quality of senhheiser ie80?? would seriously like to know? i don't want to drop money on these if they dont even offer 50% of sound quality i get from ie80
  6. shaddix
    You know they don’t. They’re expensive because they have batteries, wireless, active noise cancellation, and the Apple logo on the box. It’s probably pretty good sound quality, but there’s no way these will compete with wired IE80s.
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  7. FlavioWolff
    Why not? Earphone technology is not something apple can't master with a huge production scale benefit. Im not saying it will be better, but there is no reason it can't be. People seem to get offended to see their niche hobby get attacked by mass brands
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  8. bobeau
    Agreed, if these are on part w/ the new Sonys then they're likely in the wheelhouse of the ie80s.
  9. m4rkw
    Got mine today, they are AMAZING. I was previously using Shure SE425 with ACS custom moulds, those today went on ebay as I've completely falling in love with the new airpods. Sound quality is on par with the Shures but with much better bass response. Not overwhelmingly bassy and muddy like the old airpods, really clean and detailed but with powerful bass.

    The ANC is amazing - better than Bose's finest and doesn't have any perceptible background noise at all. It's like it just fades reality out for you. Transparency mode is great when you want to be aware of what's going on around you - and it really does feel transparent. With no music playing in that mode, your hearing is as if you're not wearing anything.

    They will even test the seal for you by playing a test track and checking levels through the microphones to make sure you have a good seal (so you know which tips are best for your ears). They're super light, super comfortable and they don't fall out of my ears. I had problems with practically every other set of earbuds I've ever tried, somehow Apple just got this right.

    Apple has a smash hit on their hands with these things. They are incredible.
  10. monsieurguzel
    I just got my pair earlier today and so far i haven't been very impressed from sound quality or ANC perspective. I have a pair of Sony WF-1000xm3 with comply tips and they blow the airpods pro out of the water in both departments. In my opinion, if you've trieds airpods, expect better fit, more noise isolation (but not great), and slightly better sounds out of the new Pros, but not to the level of more serious earbuds out there like sennheisers and sonys.
  11. m4rkw
    Fair enough, I think they're great. I've tried sennheiser buds in the past and couldn't get a good fit.
  12. kdphan
    I got mine about 30mins ago
    took them for a stroll outside the store on the way back to my office

    ANC is awesome on the airpods pro. Sound quality is much improved over the airpods2.

    The medium tips fit nicely in my ears.

    Good low end bass extension. Treble can be better, but not complaining.

    very happy with these at $250
  13. aaf evo
    As my first pair of ANC earphones I am slightly disappointed, while it definitely does reduce the amount of noise you can hear to me its just like “isolation” rather than actual cancellation, I can still hear quite a bit. Is that normal? I can’t imagine these being too great on a plane but I will find out Friday when I take my flight to nashville.
  14. m4rkw
    I wore them in the office today and while walking around central London and it was eerie how quiet it was. Did you run the seal test from within bluetooth settings to make sure you're using the right tips?
  15. aaf evo
    Yep I have a good seal. Maybe I just expected more? I’m not sure. I didn’t buy these for outstanding SQ, I fully know what sort of sound to get from them so that’s not even close to what I am complaining about, more so the ANC. But I will give a full judgement after my flight Friday.

    All that aside though these are a huge upgrade to my 1st gen AirPods and I am happy with them.
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