1. coastal1

    FS: Apple AirPods

    [SOLD] Like new Apple AirPods w/ charging case. $100 shipped, buyer pays PayPal fees. Shipping to US only. [SOLD]
  2. Fondler

    Apple Camera Connection Kit

    Hi there Head-fi crowd. There’s only one way to connect some DAC‘s to Apple Products - Camera Connection Kit. For me it’s a corny solution due to the poor Quality of all those Adapters I found out there to buy. Do you know any better solution than those available at first sight? Is there anybody...
  3. CrunchyKitkatZ

    Buying advice: Sennheiser cx 125/3.0 or just Apple buds?

    Recently a store around my place is having a demo clearance and I found these two IEMs. So I just wanna know how you guys think about them. Which should I go for? Or just stick with my current apple earbuds(which means the difference isn't that huge). Sennheiser always has this cheap build good...
  4. AthenaZephyrian

    Apple earpods: am I losing my mind!?

    I just, out of curiosity, plugger a pair of stock earpods (not to be confused with airpods) into my iphone. They had soundstage I'm not used to hearing on any bust the best of IEMs (though which rears its head on most decent earbuds), the tonal balance was a bit mid-centric, but still managed...
  5. edvardd

    Apple wireless headphone in 2018

    Apparently Apple are working on a wireless headphone, probably over-ear but I don't know really. I wonder if they will find some way of implementing something similiar to LDAC? Noise canceling is to be expected but apart from that we don't know much. I'd like to see some new functionality that...
  6. faultfracture

    Free: Parts iPod (Mini 2G, 4GB, Pink, runs but touchpad not working)

    Would anyone want to save this iPod from the scrap heap? It has the original battery and original 4GB microdrive, the battery works but doesn't hold a long charge... The player works as well but now the touchpad is unresponsive. 4 or $5 via PP gift to cover shipping and it's yours.
  7. ElecHires

    [Sold] ⭐️MacBook Pro ⭐️+ shipping include

    hello I sell my macbook pro 15 inch with the touch bar. it was bought on 10/05/2017 on CDISCOUNT I have the bill. he is in super condition he does not have a single scratch he has always been protected by a rigid plastic shell (see photo). Always under warranty, you can subscribe to the apple...
  8. Micha

    Audeze EL-8 Titanium with Apple Cipher Lightning Cable

    Up for sale is my Audeze EL-8 Titanium Comes with all goodies, papers and original boxes (of course also both cables included) Bought in 02/2018, receipt can be included The headphone is in very good condition, used only at home for a couple of hours Price : 599 Euro shipped within EU...
  9. JeremyLaurenson

    Apple rumored to be producing their own full size cans this year

    This should be interesting... Apple to have own-brand, high-end over-ear headphones with all-new design; to be as convenient as AirPods with better sound quality; shipments to begin 4Q18F at earliest; Primax & SZS will be the...
  10. R

    Question about Aune X1s on a Mac

    Hi! I have purchased an Aune X1s and I am eager to try it out. However, I do not know how to get my imac to recognize is. The previous owner sold it to me and sent me drivers for Windows computers only. Does anyone know how I should proceed? Thanks
  11. Omega139

    [FS| US] Macbook Pro Retina, 15 inch, Late 2013, 2.3 GHz Intel i7,16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

    I'm selling my Macbook Pro (Retina, 15 inch, Late 2013), Intel 2.3 GHz Intel i7, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GT750M 2GB Graphics card. 512 GB SSD Hard drive. It is used, but is maintained in great condition. No scratches on top, just a minor dent on top which is shown in the pictures. 100% Fully...
  12. masahito24@chart

    iPad Pro 12.9" cellular 128GB lots of extras

    Gently used 12.9" iPad pro celluar model with 128GB of storage. This is the T-Mobile variant. Included accessories are: Logitech keyboard case Apple keyboard cover Apple iPad case ( small crack right where the lightning charger port is, you cant see it unless you take it off) Apple iPad front...
  13. Double-A

    Apple adds support for FLAC playback to its devices Apple has apparently quietly added support for FLAC playback to some of its devices. Could this mean that we will see lossless music streaming in Apple Music?
  14. Ferdi91

    My Comparison between Apple Earbuds - KZ ZS3 - KZ ZS5

    Today I've received two pairs of IEMs ordered on Gearbest: I've bought them after the many good reviews read here on Head-Fi in relation to their very small price: - KZ ZS3 - KZ ZS5 Packaging The first impressions seeing the packages (both identical except for the number of the model) is been...
  15. Double-A

    Does the Echo Dot sound better than the iPhone 6?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if, from a subjective point of view, the Echo Dot sounds better and gets louder than the speaker on the iPhone 6. I imagine that it does, but I wanted to make sure before I purchase one. Thank you.
  16. Hi-Fi EDU

    Apple iPad 2, White, 16GB, A1396 Model with WiFi + GSM (Faulty)

    Hi YOU, For sale is an iPad 2. The fault with it is that the screen is unresponsive to touch; zero screen cracks though. As pictured, it turns on, screen rotates and physical buttons do work. Therefore, such a sale may be most enticing to those who would like to attempt a repair and/or want the...
  17. Audioscope

    FS: Noble X IEMs with Ligthning Cable (MINT)

    Selling this for a friend. He bought these to use with his iPhone but switched to Android with the Samsung S8+. Rarely used and all accessories included. Both the original 3.5mm cable and the official Noble Lightning Cable are included. Free shipping to CONUS or Canada.
  18. l1f35ux

    SOLD: Late 2012 Mac Mini Quadcore i7 2.3 GHz, 16GB RAM, 500 GB SSD

    Hi, I have a like new Mac Mini for sale, bought new from eBay a couple of years ago. The machine runs perfectly fine and it is plenty fast. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking Mod
  19. JoeDoe


    Selling a Like New in Box iPad Pro with a slew of accessories! Here's what you get: Apple iPad Pro 9.7 in box with aftermarket adapter and Lightning cable ($699) LNIB Otterbox Symmetry Case ($99) - excellent all-round protection. Even has an integrated Smart Cover and Apple Pencil slot...
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    Pre-production sample Denon AH-D7100 Artisan with Apple iPhone 4S.
  21. [No title]

    [No title]

    Pre-production sample Denon AH-D7100 Artisan with Apple iPhone 4S.
  22. [No title]

    [No title]

    Pre-production sample Denon AH-D7100 Artisan with Apple iPhone 4S.
  23. [No title]

    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
  24. [No title]

    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.