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Audiophile iOS audio player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by st0rml0rd, Jan 11, 2014.
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  1. St0rMl0rD
    So, Westone just posted this new app of theirs that's supposed to offer a better quality audio experience on iOS devices. What do you think of these apps - do you use one, does it really matter, etc.? I haven't tested it yet, so I can't really say about this one.
  2. JohannLiebert
    No flac support =(
  3. St0rMl0rD
    Well, if you convert FLAC to Apple Lossless (like I do), then you're fine :)
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  4. tinyman392
    It's the same as the BBE SoundMax Pro app...  This one probably has settings for Westone's IEMs.  JVC has an app through BBE as well. The app uses different nobs to boost (or reduce) certain parts of the spectrum.  Dale (from Aurisonics) explained the app to me, when I met him a little while back, and I paraphrase:
    The app is supposed to restore certain parts of music that have been lost due to compression
    This allows you to add more power to the bass or air to the highs and restore some vocal dynamics.  In some ways, it can increase the soundstage (perceived soundstage) as well.  Dale stated the app wasn't an EQ, but it feels and works like one. I'm not sure if this is done using digital signal processing (DSP) or through EQ for certain though.
  5. bigfullz
    Instead of paying $2.99 for Westone's app, try something free!!
    I have been using the Onkyo HF player on my iphone. Its got a visual high precision touch EQ that is adjustable on both X and Y planes (ie - can adjust 540hz, or 538hz, instead of just a 500hz vertical slider) You can also save different EQ profiles, which I find nice because I have different profiles for my vehicles as well as headphones (so much nicer than a treble knob and a bass knob ya know?) Its free but if you want to buy the HD pack you may upgrade so you can play hi res files too.
    It seems like most other apps that "improve" sound are just letting you pick headphones from a list, with pre defined enhancements, and maybe a basic bass/treble tilt. Not much better than the iphone's buit in "EQ" really, IMO. At least this Westone app lets users do some tweaking though.
  6. tinyman392
    Westone's is 3 bucks?  Dang, use JVC's?  I'm not sure if you can adjust the settings, but if you can, use JVC's, it's the same app.  I could have sworn JVC's was free too. 
  7. mymymyopie
    I also use Onkyo HF, best I have used and I have tried most of them.
  8. Coq de Combat
    I use EQu for my iPad. I tried this, except the BBE original one without a Westone sticker. Not bad, imo. I think I hear some noise/distortion when I turn the BBE effects off, but it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. Being a Cowon J3 owner I have only pleasant things to say about BBE effects in general, however that noise/distortion is bugging me - makes me think BBE has coded non-BBE mode to be a bit more noisy so the BBE effects stands out more. But as said, could just be my mind playing tricks on me.
  9. Macgirl
    I purchased the Westone BBE app and I really like using it. I'm no audiophile and hate using an EQ, so I appreciate the knobs and the brief descriptions that tell me what I'm adjusting in the sound. I like playing around with things to bring up a bit more treble and fill out the soundstage and it seems to do a pretty decent job of it. On higher quality files I don't hear too much added distortion or clipping so for a few bucks it was worth it to me to breathe new life into what I already have.
  10. Herueyes
    Careful with that Onkyo App... $10 bucks can also buy alot of koolaid.... It says on the Appstore... (and no where else? - how convenient!!!) 
    "Audio with a sampling rate exceeding 88.2 kHz output via the iPod touch/IPhone/IPad headphone
      connection is downgraded to 44.1 kHz."
    There are many out there who have drank the koolaid on this one and believe they are listening to DSD and 24bit files at
    192kHz and 96kHz, etc... This unfortunately is not the case... Buyer Beware!!!!!  
  11. redrich2000
    Downloaded these today. Anyone know more about what they actually doing to the sound? The Westone one in particular seems to use a bunch of very vague "enhances harmonics" type phrases that could mean anything. In the Onkyo one anything more than an EQ?
  12. redrich2000
    Been playing with them some more. The onkyo I like, with its EQ off it sounds considerably better than the stock music app. The Westone needs a lot of tweaking, it's very dark and artificial sounding.
  13. bigfullz

    This is only true for the headphone jack. One needs to bypass the internal DAC of the iDevice, which is limited to 16 bit 44.1kHz. Use an external DAC and the iDevice will pass the high res files right through!

    Here is an article that might help:


    There are some newer DACs out specifically for iDevices now:
    NuForce iDo
    Beyer Dynamic a200p (Astell n Kern rebrand)
    Vmoda Vamp Verza

    Just to name a few. Enjoy those hi res files! :thumbsup:
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  14. Hapster
    I'm surprised the Denon Club app wasn't mentioned, it's my current favorite. UI and functions are great.

    The onkyo looks pretty lame and very similar to the stock app in comparison, though I do appreciate the ease of use of the eq. Easier to see what you're doing compared to the Denon.
  15. onit013
    Hi guys, this will be my first post here. Been lurking around head-fi for a while. Just downloaded the Onkyo app. Is it just me or is there really no night and day difference with it against the built-in player?

    I'm listening with them straight from the iphone 6 jack, though. Would this be the bottleneck?

    Btw, I don't use EQ. I like to listen to my music as is.
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