1. Westone Audio MACH 20

    Westone Audio MACH 20

    Featuring big and punchy low end, MACH 20 offers a quality soundstage and listening experience meant for any audience. The MACH 20 features a proprietary dual-driver system with single low, single mid/high. TECH SPECS DRIVERS: Dual Balanced-Armature Drivers FREQ RESPONSE: 20Hz – 18kHz...
  2. 20220611 In Starbucks cafe, listening time shot

    20220611 In Starbucks cafe, listening time shot

    canon eos m5
  3. Zachik

    Westone Audio MACH: Launch Tour

    Hello Head-Fi community. Westone Audio has just announced the launch of the new MACH line on May 12, and I am organizing a launch tour!! The Westone Audio MACH Series™ combines 35+ years of engineering and performance excellence to deliver sound quality the way it was intended to be heard...
  4. Chimmy9278

    What happened to westone W80s?

    Went to their website: https://westoneaudio.com/, but no W80 showed up. They only have one line of universals now, which is the Pro X series, never heard of it before. Is the Pro X50 any good compared to their previous flagships like UM Pro 50? And is it still worth it to purchase the W80s or...
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    BAKOON VHA5240 play Stayc the famous girlgroup kpop songs
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    Concept of Weston iem
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    Zoom shot
  8. O

    Shure SE846 and Westone STAR tips

    Hello, this is my first post here! I am a musician (bassist/singer/drummer) and am looking to upgrade from my Shure SE215s to the SE846 for live monitoring during performances/practices. I am currently using the STAR tips on my 215s and AMPro30s. They fit my ears perfectly and, as I'm not...
  9. H

    Westone replacement?

    Hi all New to the forum - loving it! Please may I ask for some advice: I have recently broken my beloved Westone UM2 which I have had since 2007. Replacing the foam tips the whole 'pipe' broke off. Gutted - so I need a replacement. I've read mixed reviews about the Westone UM Pro 20 and also...
  10. stpope

    A Tale of 10 Cans

    A Tale of 10 Cans Stephen Travis Pope - Jan-March, 2020 Introduction This documentation represents a subjective, personal comparison of a diverse collection of headphones and in-ear monitors ranging from relatively expensive new-technology over-ear headphones to old-school dynamics to...
  11. smokecrack

    IEM Bluetooth options with USB-C

    I currently use a set of Westone UM3X on a daily basis, but am now looking for a new set with bluetooth capabilities. I know Shure and Westone make some MMCX compatible bluetooth cables, but I am trying to move everything I have to single cable charging and that means USB-C is a requirement for...
  12. HeadphoneAddict

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs original Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX. Wireless headphones became a major topic when Apple discontinued the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7+, in order to gain new water resistance ratings. They used the excuse that the loss was...
  13. Geruvah

    I'd rather have the Bose Soundsport over the Westone wireless...

    Before you light those torches and sharpen those pitchforks, hear me out. I have the W40. The sound on these are AMAZING. At least when I used the cable. But I kept getting tired of apple's lightning-to-3.5mm adapter failing for whatever reason (went through a few of them. Thankfully, Apple's...
  14. geardoc

    Tips to prevent cables tangling?

    How do you prevent the cables from tangling? Some IEMs and cases are worse than others. For example, when the cable is heavier than the ear pieces, then I can more easily wrap and unwrap a coiled cable. This is true, say for many of the Shure IEMs. Less so for the Westone IEMs which...
  15. iBug

    Westone ES Series Epic cables have epic failure rate?

    I have been using ES5 and then ES60 for 5 years now and I must have gone through more than 10 cables by now. It's almost every 6 months. I wear these in ears to the gym and some sweat surely does contact the cables through my ears but I always wipe them afterwards. Is sweat causing this? Am I...
  16. kingice10

    Reshell Options for W4 busted wire - Brisbane Australia

    Hi Guys, Just want to ask if you can recommend me a company to do custom reshells for my Westone W4. My W4 got a busted wire but I don't want to buy a new one as the drivers are still working fine. I really liked how they sound and I want them custom reshelled. I checked with Westone, Acustoms...
  17. miguelpp

    Help! Broken Westone 3's : can these be repaired?

    Hi guys, So... this just happened: As I was getting ready to replace the tips, one of them seems to have glued to the monitor, and it broke it when I attempted to pull it harder. Do you know if there is something I can do? Perhaps if the shell is replaceable and where I could purchase it...
  18. P

    Westone UM30 Pro Stopped Working

    Have had a set of Westone UM 30 Pros for about 4 years. The right earphone has stopped working. It was intermittent at first and it would work if the cable was turned a certain way, but eventually stopped working completely. Swapping the cable sides doesn't fix it and the left one works either...
  19. Westone Wx Single Driver In Ear Wireless Earphones with Smartphone Controls & Mic

    Westone Wx Single Driver In Ear Wireless Earphones with Smartphone Controls & Mic

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: 114 dB @ 1mW Frequency Response: 20Hz - 16kHz Impedance: 19 Ω (ohms) Driver: Balanced Armature, Full-Range Bluetooth: V4.0 with aptX technology Battery life: up to 8 hours Wireless range: 10m Cable: Removable MMCX FEATURES Bluetooth 4.0 powered by aptX...
  20. mellowjamie

    Universal IEM vs Custom IEM with balanced output and options

    Hi all! So, I've been merrily listening to my FiiO X5ii for a couple of years - firstly with some Fidue A73 IEMS, then my B&O H6, and finally with some Sony MDR-650AP in ears. The Fidues were great but started to get a little fatiguing treble wise (I think the X5ii can cause some sibilance if...
  21. TympanicLiam

    Brainwavz B400 Comparisons?

    Any of you out there spent time with the B400 as well as anything like Triple Fi's, Weston's 30-40's, UE 900s? Looking to replace a pair of triple fi's broken in one ear, and wouldn't mind getting something more ergonomic.
  22. A

    Westone UM Pro 50 v.1 (2014 edition) versus v.2 (2017 edition)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the thread, and I have queries about the mentioned Westone IEMs. I couldn't find much threads or information online about people's reviews on the 2017 edition of the UM Pro 50. With that, I want to know if anyone has the v2 and want to know their thoughts about it...
  23. T

    New Member Post for Approval

    Greetings. I am the owner of a Mojo, in the market potentially of Poly, and owner of Westone W80's. Looking to post about these products and others. Thanks, Tom
  24. jgosroc

    Journey-man's sojourn in upper middle class iems... Noble Westone shootout.

    I want to start iem reviewing. Not for freebies but for the love of contributing. I want to be the 176,252th person to review iems on Headfi.org. Things get scary when you’re the obsessive guy plonking serious cash for iems. I often question my sanity as I scan the headfi.org sale / trade forum...
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    Westone e60 / Translucent Merlot & Rosewood.