1. H

    Westone replacement?

    Hi all New to the forum - loving it! Please may I ask for some advice: I have recently broken my beloved Westone UM2 which I have had since 2007. Replacing the foam tips the whole 'pipe' broke off. Gutted - so I need a replacement. I've read mixed reviews about the Westone UM Pro 20 and also...
  2. stpope

    A Tale of 10 Cans

    A Tale of 10 Cans Stephen Travis Pope - Jan-March, 2020 Introduction This documentation represents a subjective, personal comparison of a diverse collection of headphones and in-ear monitors ranging from relatively expensive new-technology over-ear headphones to old-school dynamics to...
  3. bancanus

    [Sold] FS: Sony IER M7 [Price Reduced]

    - Less than a week old - USD 365 plus shipping
  4. AudiophileAri

    Westone W40 Gen 2 - Used

    Westone W40 Gen 2 - Used but in good condition, maybe 40 hours of playing time on these puppies. Some accesories with the case. Buyer must pay shipping please.
  5. kaede11

    WTB: Westone w40 / w60 / um 50 pro lo

    Hi all I damaged my left IEM um pro30 and as such would seek a replacement. anyone selling their um 50 pro, w40 or 60 please hit me up. thank you.
  6. AudiophileAri

    Westone UM50 Pro Mint Condition

    Never used Westone UM50 PRO - in wrapping with seal, $350 OBO. Mail anywhere in usa. DM me is interested. Ari
  7. smokecrack

    IEM Bluetooth options with USB-C

    I currently use a set of Westone UM3X on a daily basis, but am now looking for a new set with bluetooth capabilities. I know Shure and Westone make some MMCX compatible bluetooth cables, but I am trying to move everything I have to single cable charging and that means USB-C is a requirement for...
  8. Tex Irie

    Looking for a Westone W80, JH Audio Roxanne I, or Layla I [FOUND] !

    I'm looking for either one please pm me today if you have one for sale in the US.
  9. HeadphoneAddict

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs original Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX. Wireless headphones became a major topic when Apple discontinued the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7+, in order to gain new water resistance ratings. They used the excuse that the loss was...
  10. cr3ativ3


    selling a pair of Westone W40 In good condition.boxed with new tips . The Black Faceplate has a little crack under the screw but works fine. Also open for trades :)
  11. falang

    Sold: Westone W30 for TH-X00, TR-X00, Sundara, JVC HA-SZ2000

    The Westone W30s are less than two years old and were used rarely (less than 50 times). They are in absolute mint condition and will include original box and accessories. Would prefer a local trade in Hong Kong if possible. Would also consider shipping. We could work out cash difference to...
  12. Aink

    [SOLD] Westone UM Pro 50 Newer Gen

    Hi there, I am selling a pair of UM pro 50, because it is time to save money for my endgame. They are in excellent condition. I just got them from another member last week. Will come with all ear tips, the case, and the original package. Prices include PPL fee and shipping cost to CON US. No...
  13. Geruvah

    I'd rather have the Bose Soundsport over the Westone wireless...

    Before you light those torches and sharpen those pitchforks, hear me out. I have the W40. The sound on these are AMAZING. At least when I used the cable. But I kept getting tired of apple's lightning-to-3.5mm adapter failing for whatever reason (went through a few of them. Thankfully, Apple's...
  14. geardoc

    Tips to prevent cables tangling?

    How do you prevent the cables from tangling? Some IEMs and cases are worse than others. For example, when the cable is heavier than the ear pieces, then I can more easily wrap and unwrap a coiled cable. This is true, say for many of the Shure IEMs. Less so for the Westone IEMs which...

    FS: Westone Bluetooth Shure Adapter/Cable

    Used for a year with my Shure SE-846, now up for sale. Works flawlessly, clean and original condition.
  16. thi181

    WTB 2-pin 3.5mm Bluetooth Cable

    like the title says i am looking for a good Bluetooth iem Cable
  17. mrhizzo

    Many IEMs (Noble, Final Audio, Hifiman, Westone, Dita, Sennheiser

    Hello. I am selling some IEMs. I need to get ride of some because I have too many and it's without use, it would take years to use them all and I am more mentally stable now (about the hobby and shopping lol). I am not going to post all pictures, at least now, I need some time to take it, but I...
  18. Law87

    [WTB] new Westone 20-30 series

    hey guys I'm looking for Westone W20-W30, UM PRO 20-30 it has to be new, I will not buy open box, slightly used.
  19. iBug

    Westone ES Series Epic cables have epic failure rate?

    I have been using ES5 and then ES60 for 5 years now and I must have gone through more than 10 cables by now. It's almost every 6 months. I wear these in ears to the gym and some sweat surely does contact the cables through my ears but I always wipe them afterwards. Is sweat causing this? Am I...
  20. kingice10

    Reshell Options for W4 busted wire - Brisbane Australia

    Hi Guys, Just want to ask if you can recommend me a company to do custom reshells for my Westone W4. My W4 got a busted wire but I don't want to buy a new one as the drivers are still working fine. I really liked how they sound and I want them custom reshelled. I checked with Westone, Acustoms...
  21. zeed

    Please close

    EDITED Don't need anymore
  22. berzerk428

    WTT: Westone W40 + MMCX linum BaX balanced cable

    second pair of W40 I owned, used them for about 1 year and recently got AGK N5005 which retired them : ) great sounding IEMs with premium comfort. They work perfectly and have been used until the day I replaced them with my new IEMs a couple of weeks ago. ITEMS INCLUDED Westone W40 (original...
  23. miguelpp

    Help! Broken Westone 3's : can these be repaired?

    Hi guys, So... this just happened: As I was getting ready to replace the tips, one of them seems to have glued to the monitor, and it broke it when I attempted to pull it harder. Do you know if there is something I can do? Perhaps if the shell is replaceable and where I could purchase it...
  24. Meshaboo

    For Sale: Westone MMCX Bluetooth Cable

    Hello All! I am selling my Westone MMCX Bluetooth cable that I've owned for 6 months. It is in great condition and all original materials are still included within the original package. It works like new, is fully charged, and reset so once you turn them on, you can pair them immediately. I...
  25. halodude23

    WTB: Westone UM3X

    Looking for a pair in good condition. Please let me know your asking price shipped to Boston. Thanks!