1. Larethio

    [FOR TRADE] My Lg V35 Thinq for Granbeat.

    Im looking to trade away my carefully used LG V35 Thinq with four ESS 9018p dac phone for an Onkyo Granbeat. The phone is rooted with Bootloader unlocked and Magisk Root installed. USA Unlocked Pie OS. The phone is in very good used condition as it was used with an Otterbox all the time. Im...
  2. pihly

    FS Onkyo DPS X1A

    Used condition, with a 150$ leather case. I left the box in orther county. There is some demage at the Conner, but the screen is in very good condition and everything’s work fine!
  3. loungecat


    Dp-x1 3 years old this June, not had a great deal of use, Headphone jacks are good never used 2.5mm port. Comes with Digni leather case. Dap is in excellent condition, not being used and would love the money instead. I have tried to sell this on Gumtree in Australia but with no joy. If you...
  4. DaniRojo

    Onkyo Granbeat DP-CMX1 priced to sell, EU shipping included (Pics in thread)

    NOW 100Euros cheaper. Selling my Granbeat since I'm not using it. It has a couple of small nicks in some corners but screen is immaculate. Original Onkyo PU black case is included. Shipping not included.
  5. robotncc

    (SOLD) Onkyo DP-X1A, excellent conditions with DIGNIS leather case and 328GB cards

    I bought on August 2017 from Amazon(via shipping service), screen covered by the tempered glass, body with DIGNIS case all the time. I am the first owner. Included: Onkyo DP-X1A DIGNIS leather case 1 Samsung Evo 128GB 1 Sandisk 200GB(-20$ if don't want to get it) 1 micro USB cable for charging...
  6. Supurderek

    FS: Onkyo DP-X1

    Price: $330 free shipping and I cover paypal fees I have not traveled as of the last year and decided that I no longer need to use the Onkyo DP-X1. Excellent condition since it has a screen protector on it and a case as well. All are included in the price. I used it a total of less than 100...
  7. Nolbert0

    SOLD! Onkyo Granbeat (DPCM-X1) for Sale

    I have the Onkyo Granbeat (from Japan), the phone version of the dp-x1 for sale £370. Hardly used as it was too big and heavy for a little guy like me. Works great and sound great. Preferably within the UK but will send to EU. PP only Thanks for viewing, Nol
  8. T

    Onkyo DP-X1A balanced output for Spotify?

    Greetings. I have ordered Onkyo DP-X1A but am not sure if balanced output will support none-default players. Specifically Spotify. I read on Amazon reviews that it will only support built in player for balanced output. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  9. DJBaila

    FS: Onkyo ES-CTI300 Premium Headphone

    Used but excellent condition and complete. ****** See pics. you get what you see. Nothing more, nothing less so OPEN your eyes. ********* Manufacturer details: https://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=ES-CTI300%20(SS)&class=Headphones Make sure this is EXACTLY what you want before...
  10. nyceyes

    Onkyo DP-X1 :: Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Help ...

    Hello Friends: Using the helpful ROM and steps in this post, I was finally able to get my Onkyo DP-X1 going again (after bricking it over a years ago). I just got around to it. But now I have another hurdle to overcome: Android's Factory Reset Protection I still have the original Google...
  11. Outono Noite

    Onkyo DP-X1 DAP

    SOLD Selling my Onkyo DAP. Works perfectly, has maybe 10 hours of use on it, and zero scratches on the screen. There are two minor marks on the chassis as shown in the photos. This includes 2 uSD cards for total storage space of 256 GB. I have a pair of Noble Kaiser 10 CIEMs also for sale...
  12. Outono Noite

    SOLD - Noble Kaiser 10 CIEM

    Selling my perfect condition Noble Kasier 10 CIEMs. Used for probably less than 10 hours in total. I picked these up just under 2 years ago when I was traveling consistently. Job has changed since then and I have little time to use these anymore. My loss is your gain. CIEMs are in perfect...
  13. kertong

    Onkyo DP-X1 (Black, 32GB, Japan Model)

    EDIT: SOLD I bought this new from Akiba Yodobashi in Japan a couple years ago; I'm not really using it anymore so I'm letting it go for what I believe is a good low price. Original box and all accessories included, and unit is in 8/10 condition. The two reasons it isn't a 10/10: - If you...
  14. Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato

    Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato

    Built for Love of Music High quality mobile audio should not be outrageously expensive or difficult to use. While there are now many DAPs around to choose from, the DP-S1 delivers the best balance of immersive high-fidelity reproduction and everyday practicality. Lightweight, compact, and...
  15. ebjarrell

    ONKYO DP-X1 with 64gb memory card

  16. ebjarrell

    ONKYO DP-X1 with 64 gb memory card

    As the title describes. The unit is perfect and has been in a case since purchased. Only wanting to sell because I need to replace my mobile phone. Otherwise, I'd keep it. Photos to come. Price includes PP and shipping to Europe. Shipping elsewhere is a little extra. SOLD...SOLD...SOLD
  17. bzxfire40

    SOLD FS: Onkyo DP-X1A

    Asking $425 (shipped+paypal fees covered) for my Onkyo DP-X1A. Just bought a DX200 recently, so I will no longer be using my DP-X1A.Body is 8.5/10 overall condition. Has minor wear around a few edges. Screen has minor micro scratches that can only be seen at certain angles. Jacks show no signs...
  18. PopGenie

    SOLD - DP-X1

    The DAP is in very good condition, temped glass screen protector applied since day one. Both 3.5mm and 2.5mm outputs are solid condition, the battery is about 97% health condition. It will come with the original box, usb cable, leather case and 128GB micro sd card. The price includes shipping...
  19. autur

    *Pending Sale* Onkyo DP-X1 with leatherette case and screen protector

    Selling the Onkyo DP-X1 with an applied screen protector, leatherette case, and the original packaging box. The player is in excellent condition, and I am selling it as I no longer need a portable player, having bought a stationary dac/amp. Buyer pays shipping (if in the US, it will be USPS...
  20. AndyKatz

    iMac Won't Communicate with DP X1A

    Greetings, I decided to plunge back into the world of portable fi with first the Cowon Plenue P1 & then the Onkyo XP1A. Not having done my homework completely, I bought the Cowon not realizing it lacked a line-out &/or unbalanced line. Also found I greatly preferred a dial volume control. Hence...
  21. Asteron70

    Onkyo HA300 Hi-Res Portable DSD DAC/Headamp

    Basically: the Onkyo HA300 (RRP £500) is a Chord Mojo with a basic user interface so it can be used on-the-go (with up to 128GB of storage) without needing a different source, such as a phone. Factory packaging? Yes, so can be shipped safely to anywhere Accessories included: 5V USB charging...
  22. anikalsi

    [SOLD] [FS] Onkyo E900M

    Hi there, posting about some headphones I'm selling! :) Onkyo E900M (£SOLD) : has signs of light usage, comes with all accessories and with the box. Impressions: These are on the brighter, airier side of things, but not obscenely bright (not sibilant). Similar to the Vibro, the bass isn't super...
  23. Hunki Chunki

    SOLD! - Onkyo DP-X1A Digital Music Player - Singapore - LIKE NEW!

    Selling my like new Onkyo DP-X1A Digital Music Player, purchased LOCALLY 7 months ago from E1 Audio Selling it because I have moved to another brand. (Chord) This unit does it all, has tons of storage and lets you install apps like Spotify, Tidal etc. There are NO scatches, item is like new...
  24. rikc

    Cowon Plenue D vs. Onkyo Rubato DP-S1

    I'm looking to buy a new DAP after being without for a couple of years. The Plenue D and Rubato DP-S1 both seem like they're great for what I'm looking for, and I could use some help deciding which is the way to go. I've owned a Cowon S9 and J3 in the past, and loved both of them. I've been...
  25. alwass89

    FOR SALE: Multiple DAPs (FiiO, Cayin, iBasso, Onkyo, Sony)

    Hello, I have multiple DAP's I'm trying to unload. Please send me a PM if you would like to see pictures. All DAPs come in original box and are all in very good/like new condition. FiiO X5ii in Titanium (SOLD), Black & Gold (SOLD) (yes I have three X5ii's) - $150 each iBasso DX80 - $150 (can...