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Apple Camera Connection Kit

  1. Fondler
    Hi there Head-fi crowd. There’s only one way to connect some DAC‘s to Apple Products - Camera Connection Kit. For me it’s a corny solution due to the poor Quality of all those Adapters I found out there to buy. Do you know any better solution than those available at first sight? Is there anybody that can make those as high Quality Custom Cable?(MFI?!)
    Thank you in advance for all hints:gs1000smile:
  2. kukkurovaca
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  3. Fondler
    F548895C-0EC4-415C-8E67-3451B6F88C1D.png Sorry to not specify my meant. I meant the Adapter shown in the Picture above. It’s the only way to assemble the Iphone to my beloved ifi micro bl
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018

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