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iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Audio Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by baroninkjet, Sep 9, 2014.
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  1. Baroninkjet
    New iphones are 16Gb, 64GB and 128 GB. No more 32 and the 64 is same price as last year's 32. 
  2. davidcotton
    Hopefully the 128 comes out as a touch model, it would compensate for the classic.
  3. Dixter
    128GB will work well for FLAC files...  :)
  4. dpastern
    no microSD slot...makes it useless in my eyes.
    av911 likes this.
  5. brhfl
    Shame it's so big... If I need a new phone during this generation of iPhones, the extra space vs. the physical size will make it a difficult decision between the 6 and the 5s. Space is always a struggle on my 64GB 5. If I don't need a phone until the 7 comes out... well I may end up leaving the iPhone altogether... Really not excited about this bigger-is-better trend. Of course, I haven't actually handled one yet... but the 5 is already stretching it.
  6. superjohny
    now i guess my choice would be between a sony z3 and iphone 6/plus
    pretty hard decision to make...
  7. Baroninkjet
    I preordered a 4.7 w/ 64GB. Not an Apple person -- not at all -- but my Wolfson GS3 has been giving me fits. And in one way or another, all the Android makers have been tripping over their shoestrings the last couple of years.
  8. obsidyen
    I don't like Apple products much but I applaud them for putting discrete audio dac chips in their phones as opposed to onboard chips in Android phones. I really dislike Android now due to its instability and will probably buy a Windows Phone but if the dac chip in 6/6+ is good, I might buy an iPhone instead.
    droido256 likes this.
  9. Jakkal
    The dac in 5S is all ready best so far, so if the dac in 6 is same or better you can't go wrong.
    Also 5S sounds amazing with Fidelio L2 [​IMG]
    obsidyen likes this.
  10. Dixter
    Another way to utilize the Iphone is with the ifi idsd products...   then you get to bypass the iphone dac all together and get a much better dac/amp...   to me thats why the 128gb option on the new phones is important as it will be able to hold more FLAC files  [​IMG]
  11. obsidyen
    Good to know... I'm considering buying 6+...
    I have a Chord Hugo but it's a hassle carrying it around, at least for me. When I go out, I want to carry as little as possible. So just headphones+mobile phone is enough. That said, such products are useful for people who listen to music for many hours at work or while commuting so it makes sense for them. Not for me though, so a mobile phone with a discrete high quality dac is important for me. 
  12. elfary
    I have no doubt that iPhone 6 will be as great or better sounding than the stunning iPhone 5s.
    It's a shame that Apple has not currently any 100Gb+ iPod as the 128Gb iPhone price tag is quite hefty in Europe.
  13. obsidyen
    Indeed. I'm thinking of buying from the US of A. That said, I might just buy from the Apple Store here if I don't have the chance to visit America.
  14. elfary
    And coupled to the European price tag there is the nasty double volume cap that makes the headphone amplifier sort of weak compared to non EU iPhones.
  15. obsidyen
    Damn, I forgot about that. I live in Turkey which is not in the EU though, I wonder if the Apple Store here sells the one with the volume limit?
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