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High-end iPhone/office setup

  1. Zi0P4tch0
    I'm looking for some good full-size (closed) headphones that I could use whilst walking around in the noisy London and, at the same time, in the office.
    Mobile Gear:
    - iPhone 5
    Office Gear:
    - Macbook Pro Mid-2012
    I mostly listen to:
    - Rock
    - Blues 
    - Symphonic metal
    - Classical Music 
    Budget: Anything under £1k
    P.S. Not scared of buying a mobile AMP/DAC stack if I have to!
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I tried the Oppo PM-1 with my Galaxy S3 and it works fine; iPhone should sound better than the warmish output out of my phone. As compact as the PM-1's are though I wouldn't really walk around with those - my ears aren't by any standard "large" but the earpads don't close around them. Even if they did I'm still more inclined to use an IEM - you sure you wouldn't consider those instead? Isolation is a lot better.

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