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Question about Aune X1s on a Mac

  1. Raskolnikovz

    I have purchased an Aune X1s and I am eager to try it out. However, I do not know how to get my imac to recognize is. The previous owner sold it to me and sent me drivers for Windows computers only.

    Does anyone know how I should proceed?

  2. Raskolnikovz

    I am not a smart man... just found out that it works without installing drivers.
  3. mindhead1
    I recently purchased an X1S and am using it with my MacBook Pro. So far it's great. What are your impressions?
  4. Caseyoak
    recently purchased the Aune X1S and I am trying to attached my Aune to my iMac (running on High Sierra) via USB. When I turned on the Aune, I can see the devise in my Audio MIDI Setup. I can play music through the Aune but I have lots of distortion (almost unbearable). Did I do something wrong? Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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