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Help! I need a sub $100 earphone for my teenage daughter

  1. Icenine2
    I finally convinced my daughter to get her Apple earbuds replaced by something decent (she's on a shriek-metal listen all-of-a-sudden and it sounds horrible) for under $100. That dollar level is in case they are lost, stolen, or wrecked.  Thankfully she listens at low volume levels but as we know the buds sound isn't very good.  Since I have zero insight into the portable phones' all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Looking for on ear headphones or in ear monitors, or those things that look like apple buds but sound better
  3. Icenine2
    Looking for the look like Apple buds but sound better.  I had her try a good in ear but she didn't like the fit for noise cancelling/isolation.
  4. Mshenay Contributor
    Excellent, then check out that thread! HOLY MOLY 2005 wow, that's awesome your daughter's finally getting into good sound! Definatly check out that thread!  Those guys should be a TON of help you  and her! 
  5. Icenine2
    Thanks for your help!
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    No problem :3 always happy to help, and even better to help another young person come into the hobby of good audio gear ^^ 
  7. pbui44
    If I had to start with something with serious value on that 300+ iem list, it would be the ultimate ears 600 in ears, which have sub-scores of 3.5 minimum (out of 5) sub-scores, an 8.6 sound quality (out of 10) score, and cost about $50 with free shipping at amazon.com with or without an in-line remote. Check out the review on |joker|'s iem list!
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    ooh I just got to try the UE 6000, if the iem is voiced simmilarly to the headphone... it should be good!
    And hey that's a great suggestion! There are also iems that come with a LOT of tips. In addition if she REALLY liked her UE 600, you could get it Custom Fit for her ears! With a re shell that should hopefully be cheaper than getting a new Custom IEM... Oh wait HEY UE is offering a 20% discount some time this month or next! 
    Still the UE 600... should be nice, as I've jsut tried a UE headphone, and I like it enough to hope I can safely recommend the iem! 
  9. Yggdrassilious
    Unfortunately, most companies are focusing solely on in-ears nowadays. It is difficult to find a quality earbud style earphone from a reputable brand that is widely available and popular. 
    I would suggest you look into Philips, maybe Yuin, But these are all sub $30 and while they are definitely a step up from apple ibuds, a pair of $30 IEMs will sound better.
    You could also look into Sennheiser earbuds. But they probably aren't going to be good for shriek metal.
    If your daughter does not mind earbuds with hook, then look into Creative Aurvana Air, or Audio-Technica EC707. Going over $100 there is B&O A8 and Sennheiser MX985. 
    Good luck!
  10. jwong
    How true this is... gotta train up those young ears to know the difference between decent audio and crap! [​IMG]
    I got my teenage daughter a set of white S400's for Christmas last year. Cheap, especially by head-fi standards, but now she says she can't listen to her friends' buds and headphones anymore because they all sound horrible. I've done my work.
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Good job! Oh hey the Rock It R50 are nice ear buds, along with some of the Sound Magic OFferings 

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