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Apple Plans To Shut Down Beats Music

  1. Steve Eddy
    Hot off the wires.


  2. Head Injury
    Well, yeah. They want you to use iTunes. They'll just roll the streaming service into iTunes, if anything.
    The graph at the bottom with physical music sales is more depressing IMO [​IMG] 
  3. Steve Eddy
    Wouldn't be so bad if you could buy lossless.

  4. JohnMatthewGrey
    An Apple spokesman already shot this down as being false, and if you look at the fact that Beats Music was just pushed to Apple TV in the last update, it wouldn't make much sense to do so if they were planning on shuttering the service in the near term.  It wouldn't shock me if the service was eventually folded into iTunes to replace the mediocre iTunes Radio, but it'll be some time coming.
  5. Wildmangk
    So musicmatch subscribers get free itunes radio, wonder if beats music will come free still??

    Sent from my iPhone 6+
  6. vantt1
    What do you think the chances would be for Apple to do the opposite; get rid of iTunes in favor of Beats Music?
  7. vantt1
    Either way, I think Apple and Beats are still pretty independent of each other, so the chances of anything to happen between iTunes and Beats Music is pretty slim.
  8. quluman
    Seems like a lot of overlapping between the iTunes and Beats music
  9. dnuggett
    They are planning to lower the price of Beats, not close it down.
  10. TheBoss

    Beats is the Cadillac Escalade and Chrysler 300c of headphones, and their headphone flagship  MUST not exceed $599 so that Beat's main target demographics can afford it.
  11. dnuggett
    I'm not talking about the headphones. 
  12. Shurephile
    I think what you mean is, Beats is the garbage truck of headphones.
  13. MedMan
    Doesn't compare to spotify or pandora 
  14. vantt1
    Beats>Beats haters>Beats worshippers
  15. burn1
    Why not keep both services independent. Let the two music services operate independent(owned by the same parent company), and take both revenue streams. Let the general public decide which brand and service they like/choose. For many of the average consumer, they will not be fixed on the fact Apple owns them both services. They are simply two flavors of ice cream. 
    Lots of industries do this as well. Take Black & Decker tool brand. Often thought of as the entry level power tool brand.
    However, they own DeWalt, Porter-Cable among other power tool upscale perceived brands.

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