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Powerbeats Pro (Truly Wireless IEM from Apple/Beats)

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    The new Powerbeats Pro, a truly wireless successor to Beats’ Powerbeats line, has recently leaked and is expected to launch in April.

    Powerbeats Pro will be a fitness-oriented IEM. It is expected to include Apple’s new H1 chip which should give it an edge over every other truly wireless headphones on the market in terms of connectivity and reliability.

    Much like previous generations of Powerbeats, it will include ear hooks. So far only black and white colorways have leaked which would be a departure from the variety of color options Beats usually offers at launch.

    I wouldn’t judge it by brand name alone, since its predecessor Powerbeats3 which launched over two and a half years ago received positive reviews for sound quality (though it lacked in durability) and measured surprisingly well.

    If the Powerbeats Pro sound and fit better than AirPods for a majority of users, it could be a class-leading truly wireless IEM.


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  2. fredsun925
    Super excited for this. Will definitely buy them if they are durable. The earhooks can make exercising while listening to music so much easier.
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    Pricey, but not a bad showing from Beats.

    They’re also smaller and lighter than the Powerbeats3. On paper this is an impressive product, with 9 hours of battery life per earbud and beamforming mics as well as physical controls on the earbuds themselves and always-on “Hey Siri” commands.

    CNET called the sound “significantly better” than AirPods so this could be a solid IEM true wireless alternative. I’ll wait until I can try them myself before passing judgement but I expect the sound to be the most refined we’ve seen in a Beats product.
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  5. erich6
    I pre-ordered a pair. I like wireless headphones for working out but the over-ears ones out there are not the most comfortable for running and the in-ears always fall out. This should do the trick! Will report on my experience when I get them.
  6. 21qz
    +1 here, I'm very active in the gym and though i love my M&D MW07's they keep falling out my ears. I've never had anything more comfortable, durable, and fit better than Powerbeats. The con has always been the sound quality. I hope this version is up to par.
    Beats headphones (other than Studio3) lately have excelled in all the technical areas with imaging and total harmonic distortion on par with high-end brands; however, the sound is colored and rarely flat so some audiophiles may not prefer the raw frequency response, especially when they shape it too much in one direction. I’m curious to hear the Powerbeats Pro since I do expect it to be the most refined Beats yet.
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  9. Monstieur
    Measurements. Frequency response looks great, but I don't trust measurements. Headphones with perfect frequency responses like the Bose QC 35 still sound bad compared to my Shure SE846. For an IEM, the isolation is pretty bad at low frequencies compared to foam ear-tips.

    Unfortunately the branding ruins it for me. At least with an iPhone, enough people know that it's objectively the best phone, so the brand image is a non-issue. With Bose or Beats, it's still brand image first despite their products being technically superior.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  10. 21qz
    I don't know what everyone's expectations are/were, but the previous powerbeats really rank in at a good 4.5/10 on the sound scale to me with very muddy sound. Masters and Dynamics MW07 ranking in at 8/10 in terms of wireless IEMs. Based on about every review I've seen or read thus far, i can tell they've come a long way. I'm ecstatic right now as mine should be delivered by the end of the week. So much issues i have at the gym without ear hooks. I would rather had cords or ear buds fall out then wear the previous powerbeats lol.
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  11. 21qz
    The real question....
    Do these support aptx or ldac Bluetooth?
  12. Monstieur
    Fortunately they don’t. These inferior marketing bull codecs need to die. They have no real benefit while adding unnecessary chipset and licensing costs.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
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  13. woodcans
    I've had my pair for a week now. They actually sound very, very good. Ergonomics and usability are absolutely top notch. Range is the best I have experienced. And if you have an Apple watch, you get fine volume control with the crown!
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  14. SparkOnShore
    How is noise isolation? Does it break seal on right, left or both ears when you move your head or sweat? Generally, is seal secure and stable or gets easily broken?
  15. woodcans
    I have not been able to break the seal with motion, jogging, sweat etc. The only time was once or twice while pushing the 'b' side button, before I realized how little pressure is actually required to activate the button. Noise isolation is decent, similar to Beats X.
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