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looking for high quality iems with short or two piece cables for armband

  1. nastynice
    I need an iem that has a short cable because I want to use it on my armband when I'm at the gym.  I tried working out with full length cable iems, and as much as I wished it was ok, it just wasn't, it was very annoying to workout in.
    I currently own meelec sport fi6, but I want something much more high quality, near audiophile quality.  Please name any high quality iems which fit this description.  I am looking anywhere in $100-$250 price range.
    Ones that I know of already are TDK BA200, audiotechnica ATH-CKM 500, Bose sie2, and t jays.  I'm kinda leaning to TDK BA200 as it seems to have really good sound quality, but I want to know of any other options out there. 
  2. nastynice
    I've also been coming across the sony mdr ex line (ex1000, ex600, ex510, etc), and it officially states it comes with both 1.2m cord and 0.6m cord.  But I feel like I read that they don't always necessarily come with the shorter cable, does anyone know if this is true?  And is the 0.6m cable an extension for the 1.2m cable, or does it go directly into the headphone?
    I'm a bit hesitant buying these in the u.s., as I'd have to buy it from overseas, so I want to make sure I don't mess up and order something diff than what I'm looking for
  3. JoeDoe
    Huuuuuuuuge +1 to the BA200s. Can't go wrong.

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