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  2. Table

    Best IEM for <$200

    I currently use Klipsch Image s4's and I am planning on upgrading soon. I mainly listen to indie/alternative rock. Thank you for helping.
  3. minhquancanon7d

    Quality Iem <300$ easy to buy in singapore

    I'm looking for a good quality set of Iem and I'm considering: Sony ex600 Vsonic gr07 bass edition Audio technica ath cks1000 Sennheiser ie80 Ultimate ears 900 Although the ie and ue is out of the limitation but I was impressed with the ie and curious about the ue! I'm using ue6000 and senn...
  4. redarecoba

    The Best 100 $ IEMs

    Hi , i want to buy a new IEMs , so what is the best ones with 100 $ , i listen to electronic music , hip-hop , pop ect   The HIFIMAN RE-400 is a the best solution ?   Thank you and sorry for my english
  5. Kodhifi

    Anybody used Sony's XBR600's?

    Amazon had them on sale today for $40 and I ended up grabbing a pair. I couldn't find any respectable reviews or frequency responses for it so I'm not sure what to expect. It looks like they modeled it on their new top end headphones with the somewhat hockey puck shaped driver cans but with very...
  6. kevms89

    Sony EX600.

    Sony EX600 like new, comes with case, will sell or trade, let me know.
  7. nastynice

    looking for high quality iems with short or two piece cables for armband

    I need an iem that has a short cable because I want to use it on my armband when I'm at the gym.  I tried working out with full length cable iems, and as much as I wished it was ok, it just wasn't, it was very annoying to workout in.   I currently own meelec sport fi6, but I want something...
  8. kevms89

    Looking for the most balanced detailed Sony IEM's.

    Ok so I got my xb90's, loving them, the bass and soundstage is so awesome, with that being said I want the opposite as well, I know people recommend the ex600/7500/1000 line but they are expensive and I am not looking for that type of fit, there is the re400 but I kinda wanna stay sony, any...
  9. kevms89

    Sony EX600 vs 7550

    From what I hear the 7550 has a shorter cable hanger, higher quality cable?, different design obviously. As for sound, that is what I am really interested in, the ex1000 is too expensive and even the 7550 is about $230 for me, I can get the ex600 for about $170 which is a big plus for me. So...
  10. kevms89

    Sony ex600 vs ex800 vs ex7550 vs ex1000

    As far as sound quality what are the major differences?
  11. kevms89

    What should be my next iems? The Sony XB90 or Sony EX600?

    I currently have the XBA30 and they are great, nice balanced sound, everything is nice and nothing is too overpowering, good for modern music and all genres. Now I have been looking into the ex600 and xb90 for some time, both 16mm dynamic but different purposes. The XB90 looks to be a good all...
  12. Malfunkt

    Minor headphone battle: Amperior vs. AH-D600 vs. MDR-EX600

    Comparing the D600 up against Sennheiser Amperior and Sony MDR-EX600. Might be a good comparison for those that have one of these and want to know how it stacks up against the others. I was longtime owner and user of the HD-25. Recently I acquired the Sennheiser Amperior which has the sound of...
  13. vladadrian

    Headphones for music production

    Hi! I am looking for some new headphones. I make EDM tracks and now I use the Sony mdr 600 and because they are bass headphones I tend to cut too much from the bass in the equalizers. So I am looking for some studio headphones with a more flat sound. Something around 50 pounds or 70 dollars...
  14. autumnholy

    Balanced cable for Sony EX600/800ST/1000

    Does anyone know where I can find a balanced cable for the Sony EX600/800ST/1000 series IEM? I'm interested in going balanced, but so far I haven't encounter a balanced cable for this IEM.
  15. milk

    Best IEMS in my budget?

    Haha, hey guys! Well I may have finished my time with headphones :/ I loved them very much and got a nice collection but they seemed a bit too bulky nowadays for how much i want to use them in public now haha! So after researching a lot i hear IEMS can deliver up to par or surpass the quality...
  16. Johnnydead

    Sony MDR-EX600

    I purchased these last year from They have been well cared for. All accessories are included. Price includes shipping, usps first class mail.
  17. zzllloz

    Iems under 200$ (Vsonic GR01 / 07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs rock it sounds r-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99)

     (Vsonic GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99) which one has the best sound quality? for : Hip hop , rap , electronic , rock... i am using the Sansa clip+   Thanks in advance
  18. teds headfood

    sony mdr-ex broken iem cables

    looking for broken sony mdr-ex cables with the screw down connectors. thx ted
  19. SaigonGrandFunk

    Sony MDR-EX1000 with EX600 cable , also separate RK-EX1000LP (JAP 1.2m) cable.

    Sony MDR-EX1000 with EX600 cable and separately RK-EX1000LP (JAP 1.2m) cable. - Bought this from another Headfier over 1 year and still in good condition, it is well known in the forum for the sound qualities. Has sign of the reported worn off white lettering on the earphone bodies. All...
  20. JDoeA

    100 dollar range earphone with detailed precise sound reproduction?

    Hello community,   I am looking for a earphone priced around 100 dollars that has detailed, precise sound reproduction, do you have any suggestions?   I listen to classical music and soft music; I rarely listen to music that has strong bass so I don't have any requirement for it.  ...
  21. dozerman

    Durable IEMs for less than 100$

    Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped...
  22. Majin

    [TRADE] Sony MDR EX600 for Ultimate Ears Tri Fi 10

    These Sony MDR EX600 are 2 weeks old and are in mint condition, all the accessories are included (extra detachable cable, 10 pair of sony hybrid + isolation tips, hard leather case. I want to trade them for UE Tri Fi 10. I can ship worldwide
  23. atptsoi

    Shure SE425 vs Sleek Audio SA6 vs Sony EX600

    Which of these would you head-fiers get? I actually like a bit more bass without compromise to the treble though, I've heard these products one of the best at it's price and i'm in a huge dilemma on which one to get =/   Sleek Audio SA6 (Balanced Armature) Sony EX600 (Balanced Armature?)...
  24. syed786

    Sony MDR-EX600 (new)

    Up for sale is a new Sony Mdr-ex600 the reason I am selling it is because It does not stay in my ear so I don't want to bother with this anymore   so I am letting it go and everything is included in the box. I will only accept PayPal so please pm me if interested   MY HEAD-FI...
  25. music_4321

    Sony MDR-EX600 *** LIKE NEW *** 2 Weeks Old - EUROPE

      Please note: price is in Euros not in USD. Apart from the +9 feedback you can see on this listing, you can check my archived Head-fi feedback where I've sold 19 other items.   This is the European version of the EX600, which comes with 2 cables (1.2m & 0.6m) - the American EX600 only...