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About to pull the trigger on a pair of Sony MDR-EX600s

  1. jnorris
  2. Photofan1986
    This review is a joke. They don't even listen to earphones they test, they only take measurements.
    I bought the EX600 a couple of days ago, and so far I like them a lot. They are much more balanced than my IE8, they are clear, fast and detailed, with a slight emphasis on upper midrange.
    In fact, they are quite similar to my SM3 (with another filter).
    edit: oh and by the way, they are  VERY comfy! Even my girlfriend who has very small ears and cannot stand my IE8 or SM3 find them very comfy!
    I spent some more time on their "website" and saw this :D
    They gave the CX300II a score of 7.1 and only 4.8 to...the SE530 :D :D :D
    Good joke, really!
  3. kckc
    Not here to talk you out of it as they are a great pair of IEMs. They are quite neutral and are not bass monsters by any means. The midrange and vocals sounds great. Just be aware of the fit as I know many people who loved the sound but gave up because they couldn't get a good fit with them. Mainly because the "memory cord" doesn't really retain memory very well and always just stick out from behind the ear resulting in constantly adjustments. 
  4. staxxx
    Their graphs look strange on that website.

    The EX600 is my favorite IEM at the moment. Very flat yet not overly analytical.
  5. Selenium
    The EX600 is one of the cheapest "high-end" IEMs out there. IMO...the fit really isn't a problem. The memory wire or whatever might not completely conform to the shape of your ear all the way down but they always stay in place and I never lose a seal. I think they tend to give the illusion of not having a seal due to how light they are, the shallow insertion, and that they're vented.
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  6. i2ehan

    I too had a good laugh at their sound ratings a while back, when I first encountered that site. I recommend reading Tyll's review, over at innerfidelity.com, a well trusted resource. And as per your OP, I certainly wouldn't talk you out of it; quite the opposite actually. [​IMG]
  7. jnorris
    Thanks to all for your input.  I placed the order last night after re-reading all the reviews and your comments.  Photofan appears to be correct - no where in any of the headphoneinfo.com reviews does he mention how the products actually sound, just how they measure!  Anyone remember the late 70's audiophile controversy and outrage over Stereo Review magazine's Julian Hirsch and his reviews that stressed measurement over listening?  And Staxxx, their graphs do look strange - somewhat exaggerated vertically and shrunken horizontally.

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