1. ToMayz

    Hard search for the right earphones (for iPod Touch)

    Hello. As I happen to have some money I decided to buy a pair of earphones for my iPod Touch, but because I don't have much time (almost none) for research I thought i could ask some experts (sorry :( ). I'm looking for some earphones, around 50-60 euro, mostly for folk (The Lumineers, Of...
  2. Dabboo

    Good non-over ear IEMs?

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'll be in the market for some more expensive IEM within the next few months but most of the high quality IEMs seem to be over ear.   I was pretty set on the Shure SE215s but I then realised they were an over the ear design but I really don't like the feel of having cables...
  3. nastynice

    looking for high quality iems with short or two piece cables for armband

    I need an iem that has a short cable because I want to use it on my armband when I'm at the gym.  I tried working out with full length cable iems, and as much as I wished it was ok, it just wasn't, it was very annoying to workout in.   I currently own meelec sport fi6, but I want something...
  4. Cret

    Question for any Sony MDR-EX510LP owners

    Hi guys   I've a question for anyone owning this set of IEMs (apologies if this is not the correct terminology for this model), but I received a pair today which appear to be obviously damaged, and it's been refuted and claimed that this is a normal feature, ie that the backs of these...
  5. kevms89

    After using balanced armature for so long, what difference will I notice with a dynamic?   Something like that, what kind of sound difference will I notice compared to my XBA-3? Different sounding bass?   Also should I pay attention to the "13.5mm driver unit" part?
  6. AzatHead-Fier


    I didn't intend to buy a new set of IEM when I saw a used pair for sale on eBay. I never tried Sony EX series before, so low price served as a catalizator for my decision to own these pair. Now I think I would pay twice more if I knew how good these are.       Build: housing is...
  7. boost3d

    Need help with IEM for Trance (have it limited down to 3 IEMs)

    As the title states Im looking for a set of IEMs that shine when listening to trance. My budget is ~$50. After some research I have the selection limited to the Soundmagic E30, Brainwavz M5, or Brainwavz R1. Im not quite sure which direction to head into from here and some help would be...
  8. Dekken

    Looking for a new IEM for Gaming/Music/Movies

    Hey,   My budget for the new IEM is around 60~90 USD. I mainly play FPS/mmo/strategy games, so I should be able to predict movement just like with my old gr06. I listen to dance/hip-hop/trance and electronic music. watch movies and tv shows. Also looking for a good noise isolation.  ...
  9. joshkidd

    best IEMs and full size headphones under $100

    Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic...
  10. S

    Need IEMs with uber strong cable, great isolation

    Howdy Headfi brains,   I need recommendations for inexpensive (50-75$) IEMs with a very sturdy build, particularly with regards to the cables, and excellent noise isolation.  I'm looking for something to listen to podcasts with while I mow the yard, trim weeds, cut firewood, and other manly...
  11. mrjun18

    Where can I find a new pair of Sony MDR-EX510 for a good price?

    They don't have these in stores anymore (from what Ive seen), and they only have the XBA-1, 2, 3 etc. now instead I'm not really a fan of the XBA series, and loved the EX510's. Can anyone recommend me where I can find them, preferably at a good deal? I have checked eBay, and didnt find any...
  12. Raggor

    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Hi,     I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise not on specific models but on the general sound signature which is likely to suit my situation. I hope that you will forgive that although I have a rough and ready audio knowledge, I'm aware I lack the technical expertise of posters...
  13. louis54000

    Changing my EX510LP for SE215?

    Hi! I own a Sony EX510 (and have owned a EX310) which I want to replace because these one are broken. I like how they sound and I'd like to get a new IEM with a bit more bass too. I found the SE215, is it a good choice? I love the design, looks comfortable (I sleep with my IEM so I need them to...
  14. c0mfortably_numb

    Going Ampless for a while, Need IEM (not too isolating) , neutral sound Indie/Alt Rock

    I'm going to be running ampless for a while, source will be a Nano 6g... I'm looking for an IEM that does not have a ton of isolation, I like to hear a bit of what goes on around me. I have pretty small ear canals, but my experience with IEM's is pretty limited at best.   Most of my music...
  15. Vaibhav

    My First IEM

    I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch Image S4i that I use with my iPod Touch everyday to listen to music. I loved them the instant I put them on, which is quite expected given the fact that my previous headphones were the stock Apple buds and a Sony EX50 LP I have burned them in for ~60 hours...
  16. smsmasters

    Help me find a sub £50 IEM from

    Need a cheapo IEM to complement my   Shure SE535 UE Triple-Fi 10   Thank you! 
  17. jafingi

    £100 earphones for electronic music on the go?

    Hi everyone,   I'm new here, so take good care of me    I'm looking for some new earphones that I can use on the go. Right now I have some HDJ-2000, but I would really like having some in-ear.   The device I'm listening from is my iPhone 4, and no amp, so they should be able to be...
  18. logscool

    Cheap IEM for sports and on the go use

    I am looking for a very inexpensive IEM ~$60 for use during running, biking, rollerskiing, and nordic skiing. I will also use it as a commuting and on the go use. Comfort is very important as well as an earphone which will not easily fall out and of course sound quality. I listen to a very wide...
  19. Mattcooper

    Could someone please recommend me an IEM?

    Hey there, A slight newbie in the IEM market here.   I was wondering if somebody could recommend me some IEM's?   Have a budget of around £100 or under.   I currently, and have only ever owned pairs of Sony MDR-EX500's - which I LOVE! Have tried the EX510's but was more fond of...
  20. tmac1131

    looking for iem for my iphone. my budget is about 80 dollars

    maybe I'll get the fiio e5 but now im without any amp..   i thought about the shure se102, what do u think?   tnx in advance
  21. Fra881

    opinions for sony ex-510

    I've found no reviews of these earphones, but I had sony ex-71 and they were (and still are) great for their price.   anyone tried the ex-510?
  22. idotsuk

    Looking for new earphones

    I've recently discovered the world of better than default headphones for my MP3 player.  I've bought the Shure SE115 about 2  months ago and unfortunately have lost them... Now i'm looking for a replacement! The SE115 were good, but they weren't amazingly better like I thought they would be...
  23. nile

    IEM buying advice please

    First off, I was looking at the buying guide by price range ( )   I am looking for a cheap-ish IEM for general use, gym and so on. Currently using PL-30 with my Clip+, occassionally with a cMoy (I am going to get a E7 soon...
  24. Cyworld

    In-Ear headphone and Portable Amp for Electronic music.

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a good in-ear headphone thats about 100$. I dont know anything about portable amps but is anything that costs around 50$s ok?. And by the way almost all the music i listen to are electronic. So anything with good bass that doesnt crack and has clear sound would be nice...
  25. MyNamesGrant

    Should I get UE 500's or CX500's?

    I'm new here and this seems like a dope forum but Im selling my iBeats today for 80 to a friend so I'll have around $120 so i was wondering which earphones are better, the UE 500 or CX 500. I know the UEs are about 40-50 dollars more so I'm guessing those will be the better ones? If so are they...