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Going Ampless for a while, Need IEM (not too isolating) , neutral sound Indie/Alt Rock

  1. c0mfortably_numb
    I'm going to be running ampless for a while, source will be a Nano 6g... I'm looking for an IEM that does not have a ton of isolation, I like to hear a bit of what goes on around me. I have pretty small ear canals, but my experience with IEM's is pretty limited at best.
    Most of my music listening is Indie, Folk, & Alt Rock, so something with a neutral sound signature would be great, I'm hoping to stay under $70.
    I ordered some M9P's last week from Newegg for $9.99,  just to have some kind of starting point with IEM's and what I'm looking for.  From the reviews though it looks like the amount of bass they put out will be the deal breaker for me.
  2. ZARIM
    The Sony EX510, Brainwavz M4, Apple in ear phones, RE0 are recommended and they all offers good soundquality.
  3. mbamg
    Thought the RE0's need an amp to sound good.
  4. TheGame21x


    They improve with an amp but they sound qreat straight out of a source as well.
  5. c0mfortably_numb
    Thanks for the replies, I really didn't want to start yet another "I need a headphone thread"  but I haven't seen anyone looking for less isolation.  Most IEM rec threads seem to want more isolation,  I had the Marshmallows for a brief time but could never get used to both the sound signature nor the isolation.  I'm sure if i find something with a more agreeable sound then I could possibly get used to the isolation.
    Does anyone know if the RE0 ships from over seas or do they ship from the US?  

    Thanks again
  6. TheGame21x
    They do ship from the US. You can buy them from Amazon or the HiFiMan site.
  7. g33k girl
  8. Angelopsaro
    Personally i would go with the e30. Its my suggestion cause they are one of the most comfortable iems out there. Joker states that e30 are more comfortable than the pl30 which i had and were one of my most confortable and lightweight iems. The sound is balanced and the are not very isolating..
  9. ostewart
    E30 sounds perfect for you, i reviewed them recently.
  10. c0mfortably_numb
    The E30 seems pretty much what I'm looking for, though I'm not sure if I could get used to cable going up and over the ear.  Is there a plastic piece or is it just all wire, looked at the pics from Soundmagic's site and it's really hard to tell.
  11. ostewart
    there are rubber cable guides, but i dont use them. It is super easy to get used to behind the ear. And its more comfortable like that.
    Good luck. They really are great IEM's

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