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Need help with IEM for Trance (have it limited down to 3 IEMs)

  1. boost3d
    As the title states Im looking for a set of IEMs that shine when listening to trance. My budget is ~$50. After some research I have the selection limited to the Soundmagic E30, Brainwavz M5, or Brainwavz R1. Im not quite sure which direction to head into from here and some help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  
    If there is a better option in the price range, feel free to mention it. Im sure with Black Friday/Cyber Monday, there might be some deals on higher end IEMs that might fall in the range. 
  2. boost3d
    Thinking a bit more, Im leaning towards the Soundmagic E30. 
  3. kova4a
    Out of the three for trance I would chose the R1. 
  4. ZARIM
    Buy REO(lower price due to black friday deals on head-direct) and add Fiio E5 for little more bass and you willbe amaze by it's supperior soundquality include imaging, high resolution frequency response and black background suit better for trance genres music( they sound loud and clear without AMPs help out of any DAP and improve more with it). The other IEMs like JVC FXT90, Sony EX310, EX510, JVC FX3X, Philips SHE9850 and Harmen Kardon IEMs are recommended.
  5. boost3d
    If the RE0 weren't sold out I would consider them. I need something ASAP as my other IEM are dead.
  6. boost3d
    Any more opinions on the IEM's in the OP?
  7. waynes world

    Can you post a link to an applicable song? I'd like to try out my iem's on it. Thanks. Something from soundcloud would work if you are familiar.
  8. boost3d
    Thanks that would be appreciated. Curious about the MH1C you have too and of course the Brainwavz R1
  9. kova4a
  10. djvkool
    I think you would like M4 more than R1 for trance song, I am a big fan of trance too and I enjoy M4 more than R1 for the genre...
    IMHO, M4 has bigger mid-bass so it is punchier and tighter, R1 has deeper extension and bigger sub-bass but in terms of impact and speed, I think M4 is slightly ahead.
  11. boost3d
    How about compared to the M5 and E30?
    Thanks I will look into those. I thought the M5 was a step ahead of the M4 sound quality wise, thats why I had the M5 instead. 
  12. waynes world

    I tried them both, and they both sounded great with that song. I might give the nod to the R1 though. And also the R1's cable is nice whereas the mh1c's cable is diabolical. If you can still get the R1's for $30 at mp4nation, then that's a pretty sweet deal.
  13. kova4a
    Well, I thought I would really like the M5 because of its more forward mids but its highs were too laid back for my liking. It just lacks the treble energy of the R1 to make the sound exciting and also is behind in soundstaging. The mh1c is a very good performer but is a little too smooth and to sound exciting and its bass is on the slow side. The e30 is also pretty versatile but its bass doesn't have a proper body and amount for stuff like trance. I did like it better than M5 because even though its treble is nothing special it sounds pretty airy but R1 is very airy and I think its positioning is better but I haven't heard the e30 for some time. They are all good iems but for some genres (like trance and dubstep) I would pick the R1 over them because it sounds more exciting. I haven't heard the M4, so I can't comment on it.
  14. djvkool
    mmm...I don't think that's the case, M4 and M5 are not superior to one another and they have different signature, M5 is an upgrade (and somewhat superior) to M1, M2, and M3, but not M4.
  15. boost3d
    My mistake then. Wish I could find a comparison between the M4 and R1. Today is the end of the sale for the R1 iirc.

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