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Cheap IEM for sports and on the go use

  1. logscool
    I am looking for a very inexpensive IEM ~$60 for use during running, biking, rollerskiing, and nordic skiing. I will also use it as a commuting and on the go use. Comfort is very important as well as an earphone which will not easily fall out and of course sound quality. I listen to a very wide variety of music that includes just about everything.
  2. nw130d
    The Shure se215 are pretty ideal for sport use. Very good for mtb/snowboarding they fit flush inside of the ear, so still can wear a helmet or tuke. Also very little wind noise and the way they fit is very secure. Can get them on sale for $80ish
  3. logscool
    The se215s sound great but are a little out of my price range and i can only find them for $100. I would consider them if they are alot better than anything else around the price range if i could find them on sale. are there other less expensive IEMs that are equally comfortable while sounding almost as good.
  4. nw130d
  5. logscool
    Thanks these lists will make things alot easier.
  6. ZARIM
    Creative Aurvana, Philips SHE9850, Sony EX310, EX510, M2, HS Crystal and JVC FXC70.

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