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Need IEMs with uber strong cable, great isolation

  1. sooner8888
    Howdy Headfi brains,
    I need recommendations for inexpensive (50-75$) IEMs with a very sturdy build, particularly with regards to the cables, and excellent noise isolation.  I'm looking for something to listen to podcasts with while I mow the yard, trim weeds, cut firewood, and other manly things that require loud gasoline engines.  Obviously sound quality is not so important under such loud conditions and listening to spoken word  I have some great AT cans for quality music sessions.  I recently purchased a pair of Meelectronics A151, which did have good isolation, etc.., but the cable only lasted a few months.  Brainwavz?
  2. AstroTurf
    Etymotic MC5s.
    2 year warranty, !Awareness App, Best isolation of any IEM, Great variety of tips, I can't hear my wife with them... The list goes on.
    Oh, and only about 50 bucks too!!!
  3. tinyman392
    You can try a different IEM, but I think the problem lies with the way you treat the IEM, not the build quality itself.  Etymotic and ThinkSound IEMs both have Kevlar reenforced cables.  Brainwavz models (older ones) have a rubbery plastic coating on them that's very strong.  None of this will be good, however, if you don't take care of your IEMs.  That said, you may want to look for something with removable cables (I'm certain the problem you ran into was cable related).
  4. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310, EX510, JVC FX3X, REO (highly recommended for it"s soundquality alone) offers comfort, isolation, strong cable and very good soundquality.

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