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The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

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  1. sdugoten
    I have been trying to search for the best basshead IEM for a while.   I am looking for a earphone that gives the MOST quantity of bass as well as sub bass rumble without using an amp.  I have tried quite a few IEMs, the following (supposed to be basehead recommend IEM) do not give me enough bass and rumble, I can't feel the "air" going into my ear.
    The "Not bassy enough" list: 
    - Anything that only have BA drivers.  BA drivers can't make the "air" pressure like the dynamic drivers can do.  (that also means JH16 pro is also under the not bassy enough list)
    - JVC FXZ200 -- good quality of bass, but the quantity is just lacking big time.
    - Sony EX1000 -- similar to JVC FXZ200, bass is weak.
    - SE535 -- It is a very good all-around earphone, but it does NOT rumble.
    - Atomic Floyd superdarts -- the bass is even weaker than FXZ200.
    - AKG 3003 -- VERY good all-around earphone, but the bass is just not strong enough.  
    - GR07 -- close but no cigar.  This one is indeed a bit weaker than IE80.
    So, I guess you get my idea, the power and the bass quantity come first, the bass quality goes second.  However, I am not saying bass quality is not important, but the quality of the bass shouldn't be too bad anyway for all theses top tier IEM which cost USD 300 and up.  I want the IEM actually let me feel the "air" of the bass go into my ear.
    The following are some of the IEMs I personally thinks they "hit" hard enough that actually let me feel the air of the bass.
    The "Bassy enough" list:
    - Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 5 EB -- strongest bass I heard so far that also rumble, but mid and high are VERY muddy.
    - Mg6pro -- I never tried mg6pro, but I have tried atrio mg7 which the performance should be in-line with MG6pro.
    - Atrio mg7 -- strong bass, but it is weaker than UE TF5 EB.  The overall performance of mid and high is way better than UE TF5 EB.
    - klipsch x10 -- this little thing kind of supprise me the first time I tried it.  It hits pretty hard.  Mid and High are very good as well.
    - Sennheiser IE80 , IE800 -- similar performance as x10.
    - Aurisonics ASG-1 -- I would expect AS-1 and AS-2 should have similar and even better performance.
    - Sony XB90EX - good quality of bass and OK quantity.  Mid and high are just average.
    - audio technica cks1000 - this one is actually a bit stronger than XB90EX and the bass is solid, but it also shares the same problem as the XB90EX, the mid and high would not be considered as top tier, but it is already a lot better than XB90EX, just not as good as IE80 and x10.
    So, What else should be on the top tier "Bassy enough list"?  Besides MG6pro and Aurisonics AS-2, what else would be considered the best?
  2. eke2k6
    I'm not sure IEMs are what you want. Perhaps look into full sized basshead headphones that will give you that rumbling sensation directly on your outer ear.
  3. Nintendam
    fxz200's quantity lacking big time? and comparing the ex1000 bass to the jvc's... the difference in quantity is HUGE, personally I think the bass of the 200's are the best in that price range IEM. they have dedicated subwoofers!! anyways...
    one IEM that I could actually feel the air of the bass was the jvc fx700, because of their enormous vents on the entire back of the iem.
    i don't think you'll find what your looking for in an iem, but if you do... let me know!
  4. Kimx2310
    The B&W C5, they are really bassy, the quality is quite good and there is a lot of punch and some really good sub bass and it doesn't mess much with the mids and highs. But there is just so much of it so it takes a lot of the space, frankly they're are too bassy for me. Don't ask me why i bought them. But then again they're quite good if you eq the bass down. And if you get a good fit they're also good for running because they stay in your ears no matter how much you move around.
  5. Gorktastick
    GR07 Bass Edition
  6. Gorktastick
    And CKS77s
  7. Gorktastick
    I like both of those for bass and overall waaaay more than he Atrios.  Haven't reached for my Future Sonics since aquiring either the Audio Technicas or the VSonics.  In fact, since falling in love with the GR07 Bass Editions, I haven't really been interested in any of my other IEMs
  8. RatFarm
    If the FXZ200's are not considered bassy enough then this thread is totally bogus. [​IMG]
    edvardd likes this.
  9. sdugoten
    I am not saying FXZ200 is not a good earphone, but the bass quantity is indeed lacking when it is compared to other IEMs in the 2nd list at the original post.  For example, although the size of the x10 is really small, but you can "feel" the bass is hitting you, you can feel the "air of the bass".  You can hear the rumble.  FxZ200 can't do that.
    Since I have been trying a lot earphone lately, those IEMs in 2nd list at the original post should be bassy enough to produce the air of the bass, but some of them do not produce the mid and high that I want.  There are only two candidates left, one is Aurisonics AS-2, the other is MG6pro.  x10 and IE80 are both good choices, but I would want to buy a custom this time.
    So my question is...besides AS-2 and MG6pro, what else should be on the list.  I will definitely try FX700 and B&W C5 when I have a chance.  I can't find GR07 bass edition in our local shop tho....
  10. djvkool
    People who have both FXZ100 and FXZ200 said that the 200 has bigger bass quantity, I have the 100's and to me, that is super bassy, so much so that I considered it to be bassier than my old Atrio M8 and AtrioX
  11. pokpokgei
    perhaps he was referring to quantity of sub-bass. how are the sub-bass like in fxz100 and fxz200?
  12. sdugoten
    I am not sure about this.  The bass as well as sub bass of FXZ200 is pretty week.  It can't even rumble on low sub-bass music.  You can hear the beat but the bass is not as solid even compare to JVC CKS1000.  You can't feel it is pushing the air with sub bass on FXZ200.
    In case you want to know what I am expecting, I am expecting the earphone would push you the air when playing deep bass music.  It should rumble.  You should feel your eardrum is being pushed by the air of the bass.  A good basshead headphone would make your eardrum vibrate from bassy sound wave.  While I am not expecting a basshead headphone from an IEM, but I am looking for something with similar experience.  I guess you should know by now the quantity of bass I am looking for?
    the denon c300's are pretty bassy, denon themselves describe it as best for bass heavy music.
  14. minhquancanon7d
    How is the mids and highs, is there any sibilance
    they're still respectable in the mid highs, but i think for the price you can do better. the bass rocks tho xD no sibilance for me
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