1. eke2k6

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-2 & 2.5 (with many comparisons)

    Update: Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Revision (main ASG-2 review below)                       After more than a year since its release, the ASG-2 has been officially updated to a new revision. Dale and co. listened to customer feedback about the original, and have tweaked it accordingly. ...
  2. danielghofrani

    what are some top tier universal iems these days?

    Hey guys,  I am thinking about upgrading from Shure SE535. I listen to a lot of classical and opera. I need an IEM with good soundstage and seperation. the reason I don't want to venture to customs is because: 1- they seem quite expensive 2- the added costs of impressions and shipping...
  3. sentine

    need help chossing a custom IEM

    i need help chossing acustom IEM. iam looking around but i cant find a good one. iam looking for clarity and bassy.mostly for DUBSTEP. iam 14 years old and i want to know if they will fit for years to come BUDGET: $450 thanks!!
  4. jjvvcckk

    AKG K3003 or Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE ??

    is there has any comparison between these two?? want to update my IEM and now need to make a choice 
  5. Thracian

    New Shure IEM. 9th May.

    Just received this in the electronic mail. Anyone getting hyped up yet? :P Hope these aren't too expensive :X        
  6. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  7. sp3llv3xit

    AKG K3003 ALUMINUM Edition

    I found this on the AKG website.   http://eu.akg.com/akg-product-detail_eu/k3003-without-remote.html It looks like the loved K3003 (in stainless steel) has been given a new treatment. I wonder how does this sound?  How will the new casing affect the sound of the K3003?  
  8. shadow82x

    Looking for the most comfortable, best sounding IEM without an amp

    Hi all, I'm looking for an IEM that: - Has a large, accurate, and clear soundstage - Has a decent amount bass (I'm a bit of a basshead, no lies) - Goes directly in ear, I'm not a fan of the over-the-ear style - Is comfortable & lightweight    I do not plan on using these earphones with an...
  9. sdugoten

    The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

    I have been trying to search for the best basshead IEM for a while.   I am looking for a earphone that gives the MOST quantity of bass as well as sub bass rumble without using an amp.  I have tried quite a few IEMs, the following (supposed to be basehead recommend IEM) do not give me enough bass...
  10. czqdtc

    rediscover my portable gears after owning (have owned) most flagships.

    So, here we go: Source: hm901 with balanced amp card in SE mode except for re600. Findings: 1. 901 is a good dap :) 2. W4 is still my favorite, especially under this set up. Followed by 334 and k3003 then prolly ie800 (universals) 3. W4 is most custom like with enveloping sound stage, others are...
  11. Frafra91

    best buy in ear 200$

    hi all, i am a new member of this fantastic forum and i want ask a question for you audiophile expert. I want an in ear headphones for my ultrabook samsung ativ book 9 2014 ed. with DAC PC-Fi Wolfson WM5102 24bit/192kHz integrated in audio card. I use foobar2000 with wasapi driver and i listen...
  12. Profoundsoup

    Sennheiser IE 800 at $600 vs AKG K3003 at $900 vs Shure se846 at $715

    Looking for a new pair of high end IEM's and these are the 3 I have narrowed it down to. I would love to know your guys opinions/experiences. 
  13. Pmgroundhog

    In Ear Headphone with swappable drivers?

    I remember seeing or hearing about an in ear headphone where one can switch out the drivers... or housings... or something like that. It came with a few and each supposedly sounded different. I have since not been able to find what this was. I remember it was not a great product in a review i...
  14. Dobrescu George

    Best Soundstage in an UNIVERSAL IEM?...

    I have actually done a lot of reading on iems... A LOT.... but did not came to a conclussion on what has the best soundstage?....   so price range is.... around 1000$..... i read about shure se 846, sennheiser ie800, akg 3003, ultrasone iq.... and a lot more cheaper or more exensive... but...
  15. schneller

    Shoutout: Next time you visit the Chicago O'Hare/ORD Airport...

    Be sure to pay a visit to Javier and Rob working at Inmotion Entertainment near gate B9.   They have a great selection of IEMs and cans, pretty much all of which have demo models for trying out. Javier and Rob were both extremely helpful in helping me audition several phones. They are truly...
  16. Kylemcg

    Best IEM available?

    Well, I've been researching a high end portable set of headphones, I'm too young for customs to be an option, so universals it will be. A couple that I've looked at are: Sennheiser ie800 Heir IEM 8.0 Shure se846 Fitear Togo334 Akg k3003 I am interested in any and all opinions and comparisons...
  17. ShySugarDaddy

    Any experience with the Astell & Kern AKR02?

    Hi, i have searched multiple sites for reviews about the AKR02 and found non. :( For those who have tried it. Please comment on how good they are compared to other IE's.   Good day, God Bless 
  18. wavelet

    AKG k3003i with HTC m8

    hi, sorry if this is a duplicate i couldn't find an existing answer to this.   Can someone recommend a cable for making K3003i work with HTC M8? As is I'm only getting sound out of one channel and it doesn't work with the converter that comes with it. I also tried an aftermarket "HTC To...
  19. putente

    VSONIC V7007 (former "GR08") - Info & expectations thread

    Hi.   Since the GR01 thread is being hijacked by the GR08, I decided to start this thread, specific for the GR08. I'll update this first post it as more info becomes available...      No product info about them yet on the official VSONIC site: http://www.vsonic.com.cn/     This...
  20. tomscy2000

    CHART | Balanced Armature-Based In-Ear Monitors & Technical Characteristics

    NOTE: Please PM me before requesting to be a contributor for the chart, or else I won't know who you are just by looking at your e-mail address. WANTED: Assiduous individuals to help add to and perform maintenance on the database! I don't pay as much as Apple (in fact, I can't pay you at all!)...
  21. minhquancanon7d

    Anything with same signature but better than phonak 232?

    I'm looking for an upgrade that has the same signature as the 232 but a little bit thicker in the mids. I dont want a totally dark sounding iem, like the earsonics sm64 or boring like westone 4. I listen to mainly metals (Night wish and Linkin Park only), Pop, some Dance and Vocals. Considering...
  22. powasky

    DITA "The Answer"

    Has anyone else clicked on the DITA ad that's been showing up recently?  Looks like a new single driver dynamic that was scheduled to be released today at the Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival.     They've got two models listed so far - A standard model and one with an upgraded cable.     ...
  23. Noobmachine

    Suggestions For A TOTL UIEM!!!

    Hi guys, I've recently decided to leave the CIEM family, and go back to my old UIEM roots, just couldn't handle 1. the inconvenience of CIEMs (can't really use it in some situations) 2. the anxiety of dropping them and messing them up and having them shatter on me. So, I've put them up for sale...
  24. quantx

    AKG K 3003 vs. FAD Fi-BASS or Piano Forte IX

    Among these 3, which would you favour mainly for my kind of music : - contemporary (Elliott Carter, Pierre Boulez and so on) - jazz (mainly vocals Sinatra, etc and 50's - 60's - large orchestra (Mahler, Stravinsky, etc.)   I can find all 3 for around 1000 USD.
  25. Cyyap

    $1,000+ Earphone ? Is it worth ? AKG K3003

    I know people will tell me to test out myself in store or what, but seriously, in my country you're nearly unable to find any store that sell professional audio stuff So, a $1,000+ is even hard to find.... especially the handmade akg k3003   Ok now go back on topic, My uncle said he can buy...