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In Ear Headphone with swappable drivers?

  1. Pmgroundhog
    I remember seeing or hearing about an in ear headphone where one can switch out the drivers... or housings... or something like that. It came with a few and each supposedly sounded different. I have since not been able to find what this was. I remember it was not a great product in a review i saw... but I still am curious about what it was.
    Anyone have an Idea?
  2. Slashfury99
    Hmm, swapping drivers is something that still hasn't been invented, sadly. But there are IEMs out there where you can switch the sound signature in just a flick of the switch or by exchanging its filters, tips etc.

    Examples are AKG K3003, Noble PR, JH Roxanne, DUNU DN2000 and well, actually a lot more. :)
  3. Ivabign
    SE846.... but I like the standard filters fine... Not Shure if I will mess with them any time soon...[​IMG]
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    +1 for the Shure SE846.  The thing that's great is that there are 3 different color filters that change the frequency signature (black = warm, blue = bright, white = bright), and you can mod the filters as well.  Everyone has their own favorite filters, as mine is the white or modded black.
  5. MuZo2

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