1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. Ragnarblade

    Review of Apollo Audio Lab's Viper 6 - 6 BA drivers universal in-ear monitor

    Hello guys.   last month, I pull the trigger and bought the Viper 6 in-ear monitor earphones from Apollo Audio Lab via their official online store , Their post purchase communication and shipping arrangments were fantastic. Parcel was delivered right to my doorstep by...
  3. Earbones

    Shure SE846 vs Noble Audio 6 (universal) - Time Sensitive!

    I have the opportunity to get either of these for well below retail. The price is the same for both, both are new. Which would you do? I like a smooth, warm sound sig with natural vocals, liquid highs, powerful, rich mids, and deep impactful bass. What would your choice be?
  4. Spyro

    Difficult To Only Have 1 IEM That (Does it all!)

    [This is steered towards high end but could apply to any level]   After 12 years here I have certainly learned that it is difficult to only have and be satisfied with 1 IEM.  Maybe doesn't apply to all but I have come to realize I can appreciate a lot of different things about a lot of...
  5. Earbones

    Upgrading from Westone UM2... Suggestions?

    So my go-to earphones are Westone UM2's with a Plussound Exo cable (cryo-treated silver-plated copper). I'm looking for a nice upgrade. Before I go any further I should address three things: Firstly, many people hate the UM2s, I am not one of them. While I totally get that they don't provide...
  6. K-MONEY

    Looking to buy first pair of CIEMs.

    Hey   I'm looking to finally pull the trigger on my first CIEM.  I have looked at a few and became instantly interested in the JH16 and UE18.  I don't know what to go with.  I feel like the UE18 is more expensive because of the name brand...   I come from the SE846.  I want something with...
  7. JuzModa

    Iem suggestions

    Ok guys i have a shure se425 with me now but i think that it is time to upgrade. I am in a dilemma of what to buy so i am asking for help from you guys. I have 1000 sgd budget and i want an iem. Shure se535ltd caught my eye but i want more suggestions. As the se535 some people said have bad clarity
  8. T

    Question in connection with impedance headphones?

    Hello! I have a player of a fiio x3 impedance he takes the exit is 16 Ohms - 300 Ohms and I have headphones in ear of shure se846 Impedance they spend exit is 9Ω soon as I hear the volume relatively high I feel jarring ears and down low I can not hear any well whether the match I made the...
  9. fizzle

    Please help me find my next IEM in the 500-800$ range

    Hi all,    I just sold my Beyerdynamic T90s and need to move on to IEMs. I'm looking at the W60, SE846 so far. Any other worthy considerations? I'm likely purchasing used.    Thanks
  10. H

    What's your favorite SE846 acoustic filter?

    This thread/poll goes out to every Shure SE846 owner (the ones that have auditioned it at least).   What's your most favored SE846 acoustic filter element (and why)?   I prefer it the most with the blue filter ("balanced"). Highs are too peaky with the white ones for longer time listening...
  11. thatonenoob

    [Not-So-Poor Man Reviews] Dita Answer (Truth & Regular Editions)

    DITA'S ANSWER (TRUTH & REGULAR EDITIONS) << Bang & Olufsen H3 Quick Navigation Panel       Beyerdynamic T70P >>   INTRODUCTION Dita was born out of a dissatisfaction with existing audio products, and the belief that there was an answer that could satiate what can only be...
  12. chemosit

    Need TOTL IEM Recommendations for Wife

    I just took my wife to Aruba for our seven year wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic time swimming in the ocean, watching movies on the beach, spending Christmas in shorts. Unfortunately, she left her UM3x IEM's on the plane and was unable to recover them. I would like to buy her a new pair...
  13. Kites1080

    portable amp/dac for shure 846

    looking for a portable amp/dac to go with my samsung s5 and shure 846. budget is $600 hoping to find an amp/dac that is close in size to samsung s5 or smaller. i dont mind if it is a bit big. would like to know some options. i have been looking through all the threads but feel like i might...
  14. romnation

    How can I determine the at ear SPL of In-Ear Monitors?

    I'm using the Shure SE846s with the AK240 DAP, and was wondering, is there any possible way to determine the at ear spl? I did some searching and found some threads from a few years ago, but no real good answer to this question. My hearing already isn't the best and I want to avoid damaging it...
  15. jelt2359

    71 IEM Brief Review thread (incl. Rhine Monitors, Cleartune, CustomArt)

    Scores to Date- Click to read review. If unclickable, the review is on this post. (Scroll down!)   The Best (9.6 and above) Earwerkz Legend R: 9.7 (Comparisons with the NT6 here, under the NT6 impressions) Noble K10: 9.7 CustomArt Harmony 8/8 Pro: 9.7 JH13/16 FP: 9.7 Hidition NT6/6 Pro...
  16. Jawed

    HiFi Headphones UK dem - Dita, Final, Sennheiser, Shure

    Yesterday I visited HiFi Headphones at their office in Lancing on the south coast near Brighton, for a very useful demo. They were all very friendly and I had the full use of the dem room for around 6 hours, which was very generous. I took along my Sennheiser HD650s both to keep me amused on...
  17. T

    shure se846

    Hello! I have a headset shure se846 I'd buy them audio player at a high level and I thought about fiio x3 heard of positive reviews and the ratio of the price benefit it gives is superior attitude Is it a good mix with headphones and I will be able to utilize them properly or have other players...
  18. blazer78

    MUIX IX3000: A collaboration between Golden Ears and iSOUND

    Look what arrived ^^       The MUIX IX3000 canalphones spawn from a collaboration between iSOUND and Golden Ears. Whilst probably not well known to the majority of the head-fi community, iSOUND is a Korean OEM that makes earbuds, in-ears and headphones for many companies either as a...
  19. M Coupe

    Picking up my Shure 846 on Sunday!

    Hi All,   I have had the Shure 535 SE for several months now and loved them.  I did upgrade the stock cable to the Baldur MKII which was a very good move.  Recently, I had them stolen from a hotel room on business travel.  I did what I could to recover them, but they are gone.  The crumby...
  20. piercer

    Shure 846 in stock anywhere in Japan?

    Hi all,   I had the great pleasure of testing Shure 846 IEM's at E-earphones in Akihabara last week (Really sounded amazing). Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock :-(. I have tried several Yodabashi and Bic camera stores, but they too are out of stock.   Does anybody know where I...
  21. BaTou069

    Different Memory Foram Tips in Shure SE215/SE425? Whats the difference?

    I'm already an owner of the Shure SE425 model and just purchased the less advanced SE215 that is supposed to sound more fun and bassy.   I directly saw, that the SE215s' memoryfoam eartips/sleeves have some kind of grill inside, the SE425s' don't.   What is it good for? How does it influence...
  22. X

    What is your favourite IEM?

    For me, my personal preference was the Shure SE 846, i love the base of it so much. So what is your favourite IEM? Let's discuss about it.
  23. jlbrach

    RWAK120-s with Pico power,simply fantastic

    I just received my modified Titan 120 and am listening to it using a pico power with the shure 846 and the results are nothing less than stunning!I am not one easily given to superlatives but the whole setup is truly amazing!I know it is a costly setup but in this case there is no buyers...
  24. Hapster

    The next step from Triple Fi. 10? (under $400)

    Thread closed, purchased T-Peos H-300
  25. crwoo

    Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM

    I know this sounds crazy, but wouldnt it be cool to have a bluetooth cable for earphones such as the SE846 or the SE535? I know I would love to have one for whenever I dont want a cord hanging from my brain.