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    The latest addition to the award-winning Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphone line, the groundbreaking SE846 combines precision engineering and innovative technology in a sophisticated design for the most discerning audio enthusiasts.
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    The latest addition to the award-winning Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphone line, the groundbreaking SE846 combines precision engineering and innovative technology in a sophisticated design for the most discerning audio enthusiasts.
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    The latest addition to the award-winning Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphone line, the groundbreaking SE846 combines precision engineering and innovative technology in a sophisticated design for the most discerning audio enthusiasts.
  4. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  5. Ragnarblade

    Review of Apollo Audio Lab's Viper 6 - 6 BA drivers universal in-ear monitor

    Hello guys.   last month, I pull the trigger and bought the Viper 6 in-ear monitor earphones from Apollo Audio Lab via their official online store , Their post purchase communication and shipping arrangments were fantastic. Parcel was delivered right to my doorstep by...
  6. Earbones

    Shure SE846 vs Noble Audio 6 (universal) - Time Sensitive!

    I have the opportunity to get either of these for well below retail. The price is the same for both, both are new. Which would you do? I like a smooth, warm sound sig with natural vocals, liquid highs, powerful, rich mids, and deep impactful bass. What would your choice be?
  7. Spyro

    Difficult To Only Have 1 IEM That (Does it all!)

    [This is steered towards high end but could apply to any level]   After 12 years here I have certainly learned that it is difficult to only have and be satisfied with 1 IEM.  Maybe doesn't apply to all but I have come to realize I can appreciate a lot of different things about a lot of...
  8. Earbones

    Upgrading from Westone UM2... Suggestions?

    So my go-to earphones are Westone UM2's with a Plussound Exo cable (cryo-treated silver-plated copper). I'm looking for a nice upgrade. Before I go any further I should address three things: Firstly, many people hate the UM2s, I am not one of them. While I totally get that they don't provide...
  9. K-MONEY

    Looking to buy first pair of CIEMs.

    Hey   I'm looking to finally pull the trigger on my first CIEM.  I have looked at a few and became instantly interested in the JH16 and UE18.  I don't know what to go with.  I feel like the UE18 is more expensive because of the name brand...   I come from the SE846.  I want something with...
  10. JuzModa

    Iem suggestions

    Ok guys i have a shure se425 with me now but i think that it is time to upgrade. I am in a dilemma of what to buy so i am asking for help from you guys. I have 1000 sgd budget and i want an iem. Shure se535ltd caught my eye but i want more suggestions. As the se535 some people said have bad clarity
  11. T

    Question in connection with impedance headphones?

    Hello! I have a player of a fiio x3 impedance he takes the exit is 16 Ohms - 300 Ohms and I have headphones in ear of shure se846 Impedance they spend exit is 9Ω soon as I hear the volume relatively high I feel jarring ears and down low I can not hear any well whether the match I made the...
  12. fizzle

    Please help me find my next IEM in the 500-800$ range

    Hi all,    I just sold my Beyerdynamic T90s and need to move on to IEMs. I'm looking at the W60, SE846 so far. Any other worthy considerations? I'm likely purchasing used.    Thanks
  13. H

    What's your favorite SE846 acoustic filter?

    This thread/poll goes out to every Shure SE846 owner (the ones that have auditioned it at least).   What's your most favored SE846 acoustic filter element (and why)?   I prefer it the most with the blue filter ("balanced"). Highs are too peaky with the white ones for longer time listening...
  14. thatonenoob

    [Not-So-Poor Man Reviews] Dita Answer (Truth & Regular Editions)

    DITA'S ANSWER (TRUTH & REGULAR EDITIONS) << Bang & Olufsen H3 Quick Navigation Panel       Beyerdynamic T70P >>   INTRODUCTION Dita was born out of a dissatisfaction with existing audio products, and the belief that there was an answer that could satiate what can only be...
  15. chemosit

    Need TOTL IEM Recommendations for Wife

    I just took my wife to Aruba for our seven year wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic time swimming in the ocean, watching movies on the beach, spending Christmas in shorts. Unfortunately, she left her UM3x IEM's on the plane and was unable to recover them. I would like to buy her a new pair...
  16. Kites1080

    portable amp/dac for shure 846

    looking for a portable amp/dac to go with my samsung s5 and shure 846. budget is $600 hoping to find an amp/dac that is close in size to samsung s5 or smaller. i dont mind if it is a bit big. would like to know some options. i have been looking through all the threads but feel like i might...
  17. romnation

    How can I determine the at ear SPL of In-Ear Monitors?

    I'm using the Shure SE846s with the AK240 DAP, and was wondering, is there any possible way to determine the at ear spl? I did some searching and found some threads from a few years ago, but no real good answer to this question. My hearing already isn't the best and I want to avoid damaging it...
  18. jelt2359

    71 IEM Brief Review thread (incl. Rhine Monitors, Cleartune, CustomArt)

    Scores to Date- Click to read review. If unclickable, the review is on this post. (Scroll down!)   The Best (9.6 and above) Earwerkz Legend R: 9.7 (Comparisons with the NT6 here, under the NT6 impressions) Noble K10: 9.7 CustomArt Harmony 8/8 Pro: 9.7 JH13/16 FP: 9.7 Hidition NT6/6 Pro...
  19. Jawed

    HiFi Headphones UK dem - Dita, Final, Sennheiser, Shure

    Yesterday I visited HiFi Headphones at their office in Lancing on the south coast near Brighton, for a very useful demo. They were all very friendly and I had the full use of the dem room for around 6 hours, which was very generous. I took along my Sennheiser HD650s both to keep me amused on...
  20. T

    shure se846

    Hello! I have a headset shure se846 I'd buy them audio player at a high level and I thought about fiio x3 heard of positive reviews and the ratio of the price benefit it gives is superior attitude Is it a good mix with headphones and I will be able to utilize them properly or have other players...
  21. blazer78

    MUIX IX3000: A collaboration between Golden Ears and iSOUND

    Look what arrived ^^       The MUIX IX3000 canalphones spawn from a collaboration between iSOUND and Golden Ears. Whilst probably not well known to the majority of the head-fi community, iSOUND is a Korean OEM that makes earbuds, in-ears and headphones for many companies either as a...
  22. M Coupe

    Picking up my Shure 846 on Sunday!

    Hi All,   I have had the Shure 535 SE for several months now and loved them.  I did upgrade the stock cable to the Baldur MKII which was a very good move.  Recently, I had them stolen from a hotel room on business travel.  I did what I could to recover them, but they are gone.  The crumby...
  23. piercer

    Shure 846 in stock anywhere in Japan?

    Hi all,   I had the great pleasure of testing Shure 846 IEM's at E-earphones in Akihabara last week (Really sounded amazing). Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock :-(. I have tried several Yodabashi and Bic camera stores, but they too are out of stock.   Does anybody know where I...
  24. BaTou069

    Different Memory Foram Tips in Shure SE215/SE425? Whats the difference?

    I'm already an owner of the Shure SE425 model and just purchased the less advanced SE215 that is supposed to sound more fun and bassy.   I directly saw, that the SE215s' memoryfoam eartips/sleeves have some kind of grill inside, the SE425s' don't.   What is it good for? How does it influence...
  25. X

    What is your favourite IEM?

    For me, my personal preference was the Shure SE 846, i love the base of it so much. So what is your favourite IEM? Let's discuss about it.