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Looking to buy first pair of CIEMs.

  1. K-MONEY
    I'm looking to finally pull the trigger on my first CIEM.  I have looked at a few and became instantly interested in the JH16 and UE18.  I don't know what to go with.  I feel like the UE18 is more expensive because of the name brand...
    I come from the SE846.  I want something with the same or better bass and sound quality than the SE846.  I'm moving to customs for the fit as well.
    Can you guys recommend either or help recommending a pair that will feel like a true upgrade from the SE846?
  2. Ivabign

    I love my JH16fp - I also love the 1964 Ears V8 - both would suit you. IMO both are superior to the 846 (which I own) The 16's are a bit more analytical, the V8's are smoother - both have great bass and with a custom fit - feel like injections of heaven into your noggin.
  3. Kunlun
    I have the jh16fp and have demo'd the ue18 several times
    Both are nice, the ue18 is a bit dark sounding while the jh16fp's lower mids are a bit over thick ("honky" people say). Neither will have the midrange richness of the 846, the tuning is different.

    I would look closely at the Noble K10, these are warm in the mids, but with better treble extension than the 846, to my ears (I've spent a little time with the 846 and own the k10)

    You can also get a custom-fit sleeve for the 846 from Sensaphonics.
  4. K-MONEY

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