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Universal IEM Dilemma

  1. JoeDoe
    So in an effort to thin the proverbial herd, I'm come to a weird decision on which I'd like your input.
    My two primary IEMs are TF10s and W4s. If I use a 10 point scale, the TF10 is a hard 9 and the W4 is an 8.5. Since I'd like to sell one, the problem lies here:
    I'm not a big fan of the awkward TF10 shape and I'm considering a re-shell. Given the fact that I picked them up used for $150, a re-shell from InEarz will keep the total under $300. (For reference I got the W4s LNIB for $250). 
    So, should I go through the hassle of re-shelling, taking into account that it may change the signature, and sell the W4s or should I hedge my bets and sell the TF10s and keep the W4s?
    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. 
    EDIT: Something else I just considered would be sending the W4 to BTG to make it cable replaceable and then maybe an upgrade cable will improve the sig to overthrow the TF10?
  2. Fimbulvetr
    Did you try the flip mod/sony hybrids? You could always go for the EX1000, which I found an upgrade to the TF10, but not as exciting and not as bassy. 
    I probably prefer my TF10 over W4 as well, due to sound sig. 
  3. JoeDoe
    I did try the flip. It works, but it doesn't fix the awkward stick-way-out-of-my-ear shape of the housing. 
  4. AmbientK

    You may of answered your own question. If it's for aesthetics purposes, it solves the "look". Personally, the design has grown on me.
  5. JoeDoe
    I don't think that leads me to any conclusion. Still don't know whether to re-shell and risk losing the signature or get rid of the TF tens instead.

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