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Some IEM that are bright with clear bass?

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  1. kevms89
    Treble>>>Bass to me all day, I love the clear sound rather than the bumping bass, still bass is needed as long as its clear.

    What is the cleanest sounding high quality IEM you can think of?

    In short I hate muddiness, hate hate hate it!
  2. JoeDoe
    ETYs certainly are known for this, but I've never heard one to be sure. 
    I recently put my TDK IE800 up for sale because I prefer a thicker bass with a little rolled off the top. They are exactly what you're describing, clean, tight bass with great clarity through the upper mids and treble.
  3. Nintendam
    sony ex1000's
    cleanest bass I've heard... effortless and limitless
    bright with an amazing soundstage
  4. JoeDoe

  5. kevms89

    You think these would sound much better than my XBA-3's?

    These EX1000's are quite pricey.
  6. ubs28
    Do you want a clear sound or just alot of treble? If you want a clear sound, then the Shure SE535 or Shure SE846 should be something to look for. For treble, you need to loose elsewhere though.
  7. JoeDoe
    I've had both and I definitely think you'll find the 1000s better. However, if that's what you're interested in, you should look at the 7550s. They very similar, more tuned towards neutral and MUCH CHEAPER.
  8. kevms89
    Man $500 for those shures as well..

    I am willing to go $300 max, any suggestions? I certainly want the best but $500 is a LOT.
  9. Nintendam
    they're about 300 in the FS forum, but certainly in the top of the line for that price range
    never heard the xba-3's... but my guess would be yes, especially for a bright sound with clean/clear bass. They aren't bass heavy but the bass is certainly one of the best in quality. They've been around for a while so check out some of the reviews and comparisons.
  10. kevms89


    Build quality? Also you think those are better than the XBA's?
  11. kevms89
    I could do 3 but thats my limit.
  12. kevms89
    Man the mdrex1000's are nearly $500 on amazon and everywhere else, are they THAT good?
  13. Zalithian
    ER-4P/S have long been one of the standards in clarity.
  14. Nintendam
    I'm not 100% sure but I believe they are discontinued in the US and only available in Japan...? and YES! haha, extremely unique sound signature
    Heres a great review on the XBA-4 vs the ex1000 and then follwed up by the 7550s
    So maybe the 7550's are your best bet for the price, although it says up there that the 7550's take a bit of that treble (spike) down a few db's, not sure how much that would tame the brightness that your looking for. Some reviewers hear slight sibilance in the ex1000's, I've never heard any.... It's like their sound signature is topped with a sugary goodness on it. And the soundstage is HUGE, feels like your at a giant outdoor concert (airy).
  15. dweaver
    The 7550 have more forward mids, nice clean good quality bass, and slightly rolled off but clean treble. They never fatigue.
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