1. ryanjsoo

    Fake Senheiser IE800?

    Has anyone heard of fake Senheiser ie800`s?, they`re available from multiple sellers here for less than a third of their already reduced price,, what`s going on, they...
  2. Modulus

    8mm vs 10mm drivers - what's the difference?

    Hi all.   I was wondering what technical differences one could expect between 8mm and 10mm drivers in IEMs. Is one of these consistently 'better'?    My intuition tells me that 10mm should deliver better bass performance and a more impactful sound. Could anyone shed some light on this...
  3. hellbent

    in ear headphones under $150 with good bass and sound quality

    Sorry i know theres a million of these threads on here, but sometimes you just need a specific answer. I need to find a pair of earbuds to use for when im skiing, running or just going about town. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music like drum and bass, uk bass, and hip hop, so deep powerful...
  4. Drummerking

    First IEM for drumming

    Hello everybody, this is a great forum about IEMs!!    Im new in the IEMs world, and I want to make my first Custom IEM with Radians Custom Earplugs mold, the eight options are this (according to my budget ) :   (sorry for the large list)   1-Shure E2C.   2-Shure SE210.  ...
  5. shockdoc

    Best way to mark left and right on IEM's that are hard to read.

    I searched and couldn't find anything so please forgive if this is a redundant topic. I have a few pairs of IEM's that the L/R markings are very hard to see, especially in a darker room. Was wondering if others have this issue and what some clever, inventive ways to mark them and make them more...
  6. Shub-Niggurath

    Could you explain balanced armature to me?

    In layman's terms as much as possible? :) I read the relevant section of the Wikipedia article on headphones and while I understand most of it, I don't really get the practical applications in terms of the actual listening experience or sound quality or whatever. Are they better/worse/it...
  7. kevms89

    Some IEM that are bright with clear bass?

    Treble>>>Bass to me all day, I love the clear sound rather than the bumping bass, still bass is needed as long as its clear. What is the cleanest sounding high quality IEM you can think of? In short I hate muddiness, hate hate hate it!
  8. soltenebrum

    I'm in Japan and don't know what to do! (next stop PRC)

    Hi there folks. I've got a pretty hefty IEM shopping list and I was hoping that you could help me trim it a bit. (I started reading reviews, impressions, etc. around 4 months in advance and I wasn't able to decide yet T.T) Prime source is a 5th Gen iPod Touch.   From Japan Zero Audio ZH-BX700...
  9. aiaosu

    TDK IE800 vs. TDK BA200 Review

    Here's my initial review and my first one on Head-Fi. It needs to be read over some more, Accessories have to be added and I'll add those as soon as I get a chance and make some corrections down the road. Take my review with a grain of sale as I'm not an audiophile, not in the music industry...
  10. Stuff Jones

    Which IEMs do you use on the go?

    Wondering what IEMs people here use when they're walking around, commuting or travelling. For those uses, isolation and fit, as well as durability and/or low cost might take precedence over sound quality up to a point.    Most recently I've been using the TDK IE800 out and about. Its not...
  11. mark2410

    TDK IE800 Quick Review

    TDK IE800 Quick Review       Brief:  The cassette tape people do a dual dynamic IEM.   Price:  £57 at present but RRP £99   Specification:  Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated, Drive: 8mm + 5.8mm, Driver Type: Dual Dynamic, Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, Sensitivity: 116bD / V...
  12. IEMagnet01


    As a life long afficionado of heavy metal and hard rock, I've listened to heavy music though literally hundreds of headphones and IEM's in my lifetime. Most recently I've settled in on JVC HA-FXT90's and Philips SHE3580's as my go to heavy metal IEM's. I still haven't received my recently...
  13. Tommy C

    New: Brainwavz R3 I wonder how they perform. At the pre-order price I think it is worth a try, full price? Hmmm not so sure. Prices are going down while sound quality gets better and better.
  14. dark energy

    Comparison: VC1000 vs TDK IE800 vs GR01 vs RE400 vs BA200 vs R50

    I am interested in getting VC1000 or GR01 (or something similar) and would like some feedback on these models. I own RE400, have auditioned IE800 for a long period, which i like very much. I have also auditioned BA200. Great smooth sound. [Preferred sound signature: neutral, detailed, good...
  15. hi-fi amateur

    TDK IE800 or TDK BA200

    Between those two IEM's, which do you guys believe better compliments the GR07 MK2 better? I already asked ClieOS this very same question and he chose the IE800, would you guys agree. I am just looking for a second opinion as I am very picky lol.
  16. Dragonsan

    Sennheiser's IE800 or Shure's SE846

    I currently have the SE846 in my possession and recently have began wondering whether the IE800s might be a better fit for me. I listen mostly to soft-rock, pop, rap, hip-hop and J-pop.    I've heard that the IE800s have a soundstage that blows all other IEMs out of the water, but does it...
  17. mhdesigns1

    IEMs/Earbuds like ESW9 or better?

    Hello everyone,   I have some ESW9 headphones and I really like the sound signature of them. I just love them. However, mine were stolen a few weeks ago and I want to get something similar but more portable.   Does anyone know about a pair of IEMs/Earbuds that are comparable to the sound...
  18. h1a8

    SM3, SM64, UM3X, TDK iem questions.

    I miss my sm3 iems but I don't miss their veil. They were perfect in every way except that. So I sold them :-( I have a few questions: 1. Are there any amps or eq settings that get rid of the veil of the sm3 without taking anything away and without adding sibilance? 2. Is the sm64 the same sq...
  19. siwei87

    Just recieved TDK IE800 and it sounds like a warmer mg7 without any harshness

    It has sparkling shiny highs and decent deep bass. Whole quality at the same level as mg7. But vocal/midrange sounds a little warmer and so much smoother, no harshness at all. Also comfort&isolation are super good. I ve fallen for it.
  20. vkvedam

    Impressions From NAS'12 UK: [Sennheiser IE800, Momentum & Ultrasone IQ/iq]

    Dear Head-Fellows   These are my impressions from the brief auditions I've done at the Headzones stall from NAS'12 UK which took place over the last weekend on the 22nd & 23rd of September. Please do take my comments with a grain of salt as always as these are solely my opinions thus the...
  21. ItsMeHere

    [REVIEW] TDK IE800 - Another Winner From TDK

      Introduction TDK Life on Record is a huge, very well known data storage, recordable media and audio manufacturer. In the 90s, almost every cassette and VHS Tape was manufactured by them. In the 2000s, when the DVD had begun to be the most used media, TDK started to slowly disappear from...

    TDK IE800 Review- Bang for the Buck (Pictures Added)

    First off, let me start by saying that I didn't want to pick these up at first, even after hearing all sorts of good things about them on this site. However, as usual, I gave in and bought a pair. Given that TDK is relatively new to the headphone world, what they've accomplished here is pretty...
  23. slowk

    Alternative to TDK ie800

    Hello! I'm currently Owning the Tdk ie800 and i like them, but i think the Bass is really on the low side... Are there any Other in ears who Sounds like the Tdk, but have more Bass? Thanks! Edit: im thinking of getting the ie80 instead... But i dont know if they can handle Bands Like la...
  24. dimmockg

    iems or amp

    My rigs are: Clip zip and tdk ie800 - jogging rig and fine with this, will leave as is Ipod video with sdxc card and rockboxed with jvc 90's Ive had a couple of amps in the past: Fiio e11 & e12 Jds c421 C &c bh Also had a few iems: Shure se215 Hisoundaudio crystal Yamaha eph 100 Jvc fx80...
  25. siwei87

    Help! Has anyone tried the TDK ie800 dual dynamics! Is there any review or impression? About to pay.

    Can anyone give me a review or impression. Im a bass head, I listen to R&B,rock,dance,pop and so on. Need decent bass and warm vocal performance.