1. ryanjsoo

    Fake Senheiser IE800?

    Has anyone heard of fake Senheiser ie800`s?, they`re available from multiple sellers here for less than a third of their already reduced price,, what`s going on, they...
  2. Modulus

    8mm vs 10mm drivers - what's the difference?

    Hi all.   I was wondering what technical differences one could expect between 8mm and 10mm drivers in IEMs. Is one of these consistently 'better'?    My intuition tells me that 10mm should deliver better bass performance and a more impactful sound. Could anyone shed some light on this...
  3. hellbent

    in ear headphones under $150 with good bass and sound quality

    Sorry i know theres a million of these threads on here, but sometimes you just need a specific answer. I need to find a pair of earbuds to use for when im skiing, running or just going about town. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music like drum and bass, uk bass, and hip hop, so deep powerful...
  4. Drummerking

    First IEM for drumming

    Hello everybody, this is a great forum about IEMs!!    Im new in the IEMs world, and I want to make my first Custom IEM with Radians Custom Earplugs mold, the eight options are this (according to my budget ) :   (sorry for the large list)   1-Shure E2C.   2-Shure SE210.  ...
  5. shockdoc

    Best way to mark left and right on IEM's that are hard to read.

    I searched and couldn't find anything so please forgive if this is a redundant topic. I have a few pairs of IEM's that the L/R markings are very hard to see, especially in a darker room. Was wondering if others have this issue and what some clever, inventive ways to mark them and make them more...
  6. Shub-Niggurath

    Could you explain balanced armature to me?

    In layman's terms as much as possible? :) I read the relevant section of the Wikipedia article on headphones and while I understand most of it, I don't really get the practical applications in terms of the actual listening experience or sound quality or whatever. Are they better/worse/it...
  7. kevms89

    Some IEM that are bright with clear bass?

    Treble>>>Bass to me all day, I love the clear sound rather than the bumping bass, still bass is needed as long as its clear. What is the cleanest sounding high quality IEM you can think of? In short I hate muddiness, hate hate hate it!
  8. soltenebrum

    I'm in Japan and don't know what to do! (next stop PRC)

    Hi there folks. I've got a pretty hefty IEM shopping list and I was hoping that you could help me trim it a bit. (I started reading reviews, impressions, etc. around 4 months in advance and I wasn't able to decide yet T.T) Prime source is a 5th Gen iPod Touch.   From Japan Zero Audio ZH-BX700...
  9. aiaosu

    TDK IE800 vs. TDK BA200 Review

    Here's my initial review and my first one on Head-Fi. It needs to be read over some more, Accessories have to be added and I'll add those as soon as I get a chance and make some corrections down the road. Take my review with a grain of sale as I'm not an audiophile, not in the music industry...
  10. Stuff Jones

    Which IEMs do you use on the go?

    Wondering what IEMs people here use when they're walking around, commuting or travelling. For those uses, isolation and fit, as well as durability and/or low cost might take precedence over sound quality up to a point.    Most recently I've been using the TDK IE800 out and about. Its not...
  11. mark2410

    TDK IE800 Quick Review

    TDK IE800 Quick Review       Brief:  The cassette tape people do a dual dynamic IEM.   Price:  £57 at present but RRP £99   Specification:  Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated, Drive: 8mm + 5.8mm, Driver Type: Dual Dynamic, Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, Sensitivity: 116bD / V...
  12. oneoseven

    (FS) TDK IE800

    First owner.. Still look new.. Prefer the ba200 over these.. Will come with all original packaging and accessories.. Price includes shipping.. Add 3% if not gifted.. Thanks =)
  13. IEMagnet01


    TDK IE800 DUAL DYNAMIC DRIVER IEM'S FOR SALE!   $50.00 + $5.00 shipping. U.S. SHIPPING ONLY.    Comes with original box, carry bag, shirt clip, 3 silicone tips and comply tips.    NEAR MINT CONDITION.    Paypal payment only.    Once payment is made, will ship within 24 hours and you...
  14. IEMagnet01


    As a life long afficionado of heavy metal and hard rock, I've listened to heavy music though literally hundreds of headphones and IEM's in my lifetime. Most recently I've settled in on JVC HA-FXT90's and Philips SHE3580's as my go to heavy metal IEM's. I still haven't received my recently...
  15. Tommy C

    New: Brainwavz R3 I wonder how they perform. At the pre-order price I think it is worth a try, full price? Hmmm not so sure. Prices are going down while sound quality gets better and better.
  16. dark energy

    Comparison: VC1000 vs TDK IE800 vs GR01 vs RE400 vs BA200 vs R50

    I am interested in getting VC1000 or GR01 (or something similar) and would like some feedback on these models. I own RE400, have auditioned IE800 for a long period, which i like very much. I have also auditioned BA200. Great smooth sound. [Preferred sound signature: neutral, detailed, good...
  17. mikaveli06

    tdk ie800

    Tdk ie800........$90 Want (will add cash) Jvc fxz200 Tpeos h100 Rocket r50 Sm3v2 Sm64 Asg2 Tpeos h200 Offers
  18. theVashtaNerada

    TDK IE800 OR TDK BA200 and Grado SR80 for sale

    TDK IE800 - 70 Shipped Original packaging.  Great condition.  3-4 pairs of tips included TDK BA200 - 90 Shipped Original packaging.  Great condition.  3-4 pairs of tips included. Grado SR80 - 75 Shipped Comfies, Single side entry and detachable cable included.  Original (flatter type)...
  19. theVashtaNerada

    V-Moda M80 and TDK IE800 for your DT1350

    I figure it is worth a try....:) I'd like to trade my TDK IE800s and V-Moda m80 for a Beyerdynamic DT1350.   TDKs are in great condition and will include a variety of tips.  Will also be in their original packaging. Plenty of reviews on these.  I have the TDK BA200 which I use primarily...
  20. Emospence

    TDK IE800

    TDK IE800 dual dynamic earphones 6 months old but still mint condition, bought from Stereo Price: SGD120 (retail is SGD229) Can deliver to any MRT at convenient timings PM if interested
  21. Kuloss

    TDK IE800 for sale REDUCED

    shoot me some offers! comes with everything you see in the pics
  22. sofastreamer

    TDK IE800

    Hi, as i want to try something new, i have these iem for sale. they come in really good condition. 2 weeks old. original packaging and accessories included.   i can do pictures on request. prefer european shipment. paypal included. shipment depends on location.   What i am looking for...
  23. theVashtaNerada

    TDK IE800 and/or Philips Citiscape Uptowns for your open/semi-open phones

    *Uptowns are gone.   I'm looking to trade my TDK IE800 and/or +/- cash. Great condition still have packaging.  I still have a bunch of silicone tips for the IE800.  They sound similar enough to my BA200 that I won't really miss them.   I'm looking for some open headphones or a V-Moda...
  24. kahaluu

    TDK IE800

    Purchased these on impulse from a fellow Head-Fier at the end of Jan. 2013. He purchased these brand new and only had them for 1 week. I added another 20 hours in the last 5 months.    Phones are in excellent condition. Comes with all the accessories and packaging.   I will only accept...
  25. insidedrive

    TDK IE800

    TDK IE800 IEMs   Sale is complete