1. Aerinqq

    UE Triple Fi 10 vs pro version? run/alternatives

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 and Triple Fi pro version? I can get the normal version for 200 USD (beeing refered as noise isolating version on ebay) but the pro version seems to be around 400 USD...is the difference rly that big? Or am I...
  2. HEaDAchES

    1st time reviewer/ Sennheiser IE8/ semi-audiophile in training.

    ::DISCLAMER:: This is my 1st review on Head-Fi so I will do my best to be accurate and precise. I don't know all the audiophile terms but (I'm learning) i'll give you my honest opinion and thoughts on what I'm hearing. I decided after years and months of reading on this forum the best way to...
  3. NotMuchofaMuse

    Dealing with unilateral hearing loss/Looking for a good mixing down solution for my headphone based listening

    Hello Head-Fi, I lurked around these forums several years ago when I was looking for a good portable listening solution, and I settled on some Etymotic ER-6is, which to my ear sounded very lovely for being powered by an iPod.   Recently I had brain surgery to bypass a rather large aneurysm...
  4. empireblue

    FS: UE10 PRO customs for refitting

    Hi all- I've followed head-fi for awhile but am a new forum member because I haven't had a reason to post before now. I recently bought a pair of JH16s and no longer need my UE10 PROs, so I'd like to sell them here. They work perfectly, although the left ear has a crack I tried to capture in...
  5. St0rMl0rD

    Which good headphones to replace Beats Solo HD

    Hi guys,   I'm getting a pair of free Beats Solo HD. I am selling them even before I'm getting them, and I'll probably get around 180 € for them. Instead, I want to buy a pair of audiophile headphones, something the range of Grado SR125i's, I was looking at Alessandro MS-1i. Are there any...
  6. BRBJackson

    Post pics of your Ultimate Ears custom IEM's!

    A question has come up multiple times here, asking what color to get UE-10 Pro's or UE-5c's in. Given that the company can do just about anything imaginable (I saw some SERIOUSLY blinged-out 10's the other day ...), it can be a bit daunting to decide. In an effort to assist folks, can you...
  7. kevms89

    Some IEM that are bright with clear bass?

    Treble>>>Bass to me all day, I love the clear sound rather than the bumping bass, still bass is needed as long as its clear. What is the cleanest sounding high quality IEM you can think of? In short I hate muddiness, hate hate hate it!
  8. DavidMahler

    Are Grados suited for Classical?

    I notice most of the Grado lovers are into rock and metal. How do the Grados (specifically the RS-1) fare with Classical music. I love the UE10s and HD650s with classical.....any comments on the Grado. Thanks
  9. Scott2578

    Question regarding UE900 and UE TripeFi 10

    I am trying to decide which one to go with as both are the same price. I would be looking at using an aftermarket cable with either one.   So I wanted to know your opinion regarding these and their sound.   Also, I would like to use an amp on these, can either one use an amp without the...
  10. toekneeyeah

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Right Earphone Shell Cracked

    My right earphone shell cracked and is currently being held together by cheap tape. I'm not going to risk hot-glueing the shell so I'm thinking about either buying a new set or trying to reshell it. Out of personal recommendation would it be better to buy a new pair of earphones despite only...
  11. TBonez

    Introduction & Took the Plunge - New Cables for UE 10 Pro's

    Hello Everyone,   My first post on Head-Fi so I hope it's a good read and I look forward to meeting you all.  I'm not a sound junkie like most of you so I hope to learn a lot by joining your forums.  I got my UE 10 Pro's several years ago. Yes they were $900 and I got some static from the...
  12. zeppu08

    shure se215 SE vs UE TF10 vs ??? on or below $200

    Hi any feedback on these iems? Which is better? Any other suggestions? Preferably detachable cables.. Im a little bit basshead and really like good isolation.. Thanks!
  13. RCM

    UE10 Pro Replacement Cable?

    Any suggestions for the best replacement cable  (in terms of sound) for these IEMs?   There are a gazillion cables out there for IEMs, but the UE10 Pros are a very analytical IEM so a bit of softness and coloring might be the ticket with these, so any suggestions appreciated, esp of you have...
  14. vroggero

    Looking for replacing my UE tf 10 Pro

    Hi Guys,   Some months ago a guy stole my UE tf 10 Pro, I was really really pissed as it was the best IEM I never had. And I bought them 200$ like 4 month before. So I used my old philips et for a wild and now he is dying on me.... the cable is breaking inside and one of the ear plug is...
  15. RCM

    Amp for iMod

    Yeah, getting another iMod with an ALO dock and need to figger out the best amp for my setup. Been out of the loop for a few years so there are a lot of new amps out there and I have no idea what might work best. I'll be using it with UE-10 Pro Custom IEMs so want to stay with the...
  16. bigdan89

    iems under 300 ideas ?

    As the title suggest im looking for some iems with a maxium of $300 on the high side  that work well with rock metal and a little of everything else .
  17. F

    My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

    Hello guys. Some of you know how much time I spent on researching what earphone/headphone I would purchase in July. Well, time has come, and I got myself the Yuin PK1 and a Headsix, thus spending the same money I would spend on the Triple.Fi 10 Pro alone. Now that I have my PK1, I loved it so...
  18. shrisha

    Custom molds for Shure SE530

    Hi guys. I'm planing to get custom molds for my Shure SE530 from Custom Molded Audio Earpieces from AverySound.comCustom iPod Earpiece, Custom MP3 Player Earpiece, Custom CD Player Earpiece. I think it will make music listening more comfortable and enjoyable. I have one concern though. I'm...
  19. pila405

    Ultimate Ears UE-10 vs. Westone ES3X

    Hey, i have big problem, i dont know at which IEM to choose. i mostly listen to classical music [orchestral, piano solos, chamber]. i like natural, neutral, transperent, cohesive and well balanced sound with no colouration. i also care about the soundstage - i like it realistic [not too big but...
  20. DavidMahler

    A comparison of all my IEMs NOW WITH REVIEW:-)! W3, Sennheiser IE8, UE10 pro, SE530, ER4P, Triple Fi, Sensaphonics 2XS etc.

    Moderator note: This thread can also be found in our Featured Full Review forum: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f13/co...xs-etc-399799/ Well today I went to B&H photo video and purchased the Sennheiser IE8. I must say my immediate reaction is that I'm very pleased with them. I would like...
  21. jude

    Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro Review (Well, A Mini-Review Anyway)--The Poor Man's UE10 Pro

    Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro Review (Well, A Mini-Review Anyway)--The Poor Man's UE10 Pro As far as headphone audio goes, this year is like one gargantuan irony. The economy is in the toilet, yet we're being bombarded by one cool product after another. Well, here's another great new product...
  22. chelsea_hye

    Pics of UE customs

    Hi All UE Custom Owners - I'm contemplating a move to UE customs and was hoping to see pictures of others color / cord combo. Can you post or send me a picture of your set? Thanks
  23. AONihilist

    UE TripleFi 10 Rev4 or Rev5?

    I finally found a shop selling these and I want to get them. I've successfully secured a 20% discount but I realized that their last two left in stock were different. One is a Rev4 and the other a Rev5. What's the difference between the two? It appears that the accessories are identical, but I...
  24. killerhurtalot

    Looking for a UE10 replacement cable

    Hi guys,   I've been looking to get a replacement cable for my UE TF10.   I'm wondering what parts on a replacement/upgrade cable would make it more durable? I've had the original cable from UE for about a year and half and it finally frayed near the right angle plug and I would like the...
  25. nedelq

    SE535, UE 10 or Westone 3?

    Ok first of all I am new to Head fi so don't be too judgemental. I've been reading a lot and after a while I picked in my opinion the top 3 IEM. Having in mind that I listen mostly Rnb, hip hop, rap and pop and also money-wise I can afford any of above mentioned, which pair would you...