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Universal fit IEM for jazz– Shure or Aurisonics ASG-1 or Heir 4ai?

  1. Othello3
    Hi all,
    I've been looking to replace my Shure 420 iems for a while now, but the situation has become untenable. I love these phones, at least I love them the way that you love your first real high end anythings. I'm a big jazz fan, and I spend most of my listening time with straight-ahead instrumental jazz (big saxophones, trumpet, trombone) with some classic rock mixed in. I'm interested in highly resolved, rich mids above all else. I wouldn't mind a bit more impactful base than I get from my Shure 420s, but I'm not a basshead. 
    I've loved my Shures and would gladly buy a new set, but even the 425 is now due in for an upgrade any month now. I have some slight reservations about smaller companies like Heir and Aurisonics, but they seem to have some interesting, innovative options. Does anyone have some experience with these models in a jazz context? 
    In addition to sonic considerations, i'm very concerned with prolonged-use comfort and durability.
  2. jawar
    The UM3x, SM3, Sony EX1000, SE535 willbe better upgrade over SE420 and they all offer great midange details, crisp clear highs and good punchy bass.
  3. kyuuketsuki
    Jawar is correct here.
    While I love the ASG-1.3s for jazz, and they can handle trumpets, trombones and sax really well. If you are going to throw rock into the mix, the rolled off highs make string instruments suffer a bit (namely the guitar).
    However, in terms of comfort, ASG-1 is just awesome.
  4. Othello3
    Interesting, kyuuketsuki. I am very intrigued by the ASG-1's ability to handle my favorite instruments, but I am concerned that I probably won't be able to demo any of these phones before I buy. I'm just frustrated because frankly I don't love my options and had very high hopes for Heir and Aurisonics.

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