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Top in-ear headphone monitors advice please

  1. time3211
    Hi peeps :) 
    first of all I did research on google and also searched the forum but there wasn't any results on the questions i would like to ask today. 
    I am joining a course for audio production at the same i have always used a decent headphone's currently using Klpisch X10i the best ever, I also bought ipod classic 160GB, 
    I have done quite few research on the top best in-ear monitors so far i am interested in the Sony MDR-EX1000 also sony xpa-4 
    also shure but heard there lack bass for some reason 
    Sony mdr-ex1000
    Sony xpa-4 
    Shure but there lack bass as i have reviews say
    sennieser ie-80 
    sennieser ie 800
    and also audio something in ear headphones it had very good reviews to remember there stopped making in ear headphones and the model has numbers 326 or something
    if you recommend something better that would be awesome :) 
    i know this is annoying but i am just scared i bought beats studio last year i didn't even see the hype it sucked :frowning2: also a portable amp for the ipod classic that's also good to buy 
    thanks you for reasin
  2. time3211
    Thank you

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