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IEM overrated?

  1. ubs28
    So I bought the Shure SE535 expecting that it would destroy my designer B&W P5 (much cheaper than the Shure SE535), however it doesn't. It has got a different character but I wouldn't say it's better. ( the shure sounds cleaner, thinner but more seperation while the B&W sounds full and warm ).
    The HD700 however destroys my B&W P5, the difference is like night and day, something I expected that the Shure SE535 would do also.
    So is spending alot of money on IEM's just a waste of money?
  2. Kurdt-bada
    In my opinion The shures are terribly overpriced considering sq only
  3. thegunner100
    On the contrary, I feel that IEMs have better price/performance than full sized headphones do. Just take a look at the re-400 or the vsonic IEMs. They also don't absolutely require an amp to shine, further reducing the total costs.
  4. blueangel2323
    Yes, all IEMs are overrated. All headphones, amps, DACs, and other source gear are also overrated.  
    In all seriousness, I agree with Kurdt that the Shures aren't sonically up to par in their price range. They sound more like a $250-300 pair. I'm not familiar with high end universals that are in the HD700's price range, but something like a JH13 or UM Miracle would definitely wow you.
  5. Nintendam
    borrowed a pair of 535's a few days ago, to me they had no WOW factor. Didn't see what all the praise was about...
    JVC FX700's, Sony EX1000's, fxz200's: those all have that wow factor, IMO, certainly in that price range. 
  6. Eddie C
    Couldnt agree more, for the price of Shures I feel they cannot compare to competitors such as W4 or UE900. Recessed treble, little bass, clarity. Cannot use them for work with music I find details are lost in its recessed tinny treble and when I bought the RE400's right after (which were less than half the price of the shures) they have improved in every way. My top picks for IEM's right now are UE900 and Earsonics SM3 (filters removed) and think they are capable for both music and monitors
  7. Kurdt-bada
    I have the sm3v2 without filters and the ex1000 and still cant compete with my fischer amps fa 4e all cost the same i had the 535 and still find the sm3v2 without filters superior so imagine the fischer which cost the same as the 535
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    the shures are monitors, they arent meant to have a WOW factor

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