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    mbp hd700 hd800 hpa v200 dac v800
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly with Apple MacBook Air and Sennheiser HD 700.
  6. zslipknot

    HD 700 amp

    Hey all, looking to amp my HD700 on the go. Can anyone reccomend a powerful colorless amp for under 400$?
  7. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  8. Synchronised

    Need advice.

    Hello guys, I have Audeze LCD3, Burson Audio HA-160D and Weston 4R's. I am thinking of selling the LCD3's and replace them with a cheaper headphone that pairs well with the Burson Audio HA-160D. I bought the LCD3 for $2000 so how much can I sell it for? It's almost brand new, I bought it...
  9. Trojita

    Best Amp for a Sennheiser HD700?

    I saw mentions that the HD700 pairs best with a Tube Amp. Right now I just have a FiiO E17 Portable Amp and a Creative Titanium HD (which I don't think even has an amp built in).   My budget is around $200-$400.   Should I be looking at a Solid State Amp or Tube Amp? I guess I should also...
  10. IV10K

    Flagship Comparison

    Owns: Beyerdynamic T1 Ultrasone ED8 Sennheiser HD700   Amp/Dac: CEntrance DACmini Beyerdynamic A1   Source: iPad Macbook Pro     There's something missing In each headphone that can't get pure satisfaction, I'm missing something In here? And If you advice to buy...
  11. F

    SRH1540 or HD700?

    So I've been into lossless music for several months and I decided its time for a new headphone. The Shure SRH1540 were the ones that caught my eye with countless good reviews/awards and it has soft velour earpads(a must for me). But yesterday I noticed the Sennheiser HD700 headphone was being...
  12. OnlySound

    fidelio x2 vs grado r2i vs he400 vs others(hd650,hd600,t700) HELP!!!!

    which one should i get?looking for warmth, mids , soundstage , clarity.(do not care about comfort,)
  13. derek233

    Testing headphones before buying with unexpected results

    Hi everyone,   I've been following the head-fi forums for the last few weeks trying to attempt to get up to speed with you guys.    I've had a Kef sound system for a few years and an onkyo 875 for a few years, I've had to move away and leave it behind and finding it hard to cope without...
  14. Thrang

    Comparison Review: HD-800, HD-700, PM-1, and HE-560

    After having asked and received for a wonderful Christmas gift, the Oppo PM-1 and Oppo HA-1 amp (based on the overall great feedback here and elsewhere) - I found that I was Scroogily-disappointed with the PM-1’s. Not sonically, but simply for their poor comfort. I was seeking relief after 20...
  15. GiantAssPanda

    O2 + ODAC amp/dac combo optimal gain settings for Sennheiser HD598?

    Any recommendations regarding the best gain settings for Sennheiser HD598? The standard settings are 2.5x/6.5x. Are they good or should I use custom ones?   Thanks in advance!
  16. ScaryFatKidGT

    Looking for a great $300-$500 open headphone

    So I own D5000's which are my favorite, SE215's and 535's, V-Moda M80's, Beyer DT 770 80ohm, Momentums, but the only open pair I have are my Porta Pros lol.   Every time I look at open headphones I get confused as they don't have great reviews but then anytime you read close headphone reviews...
  17. spykez

    I need you to sell me on the HD 600 vs HD 700

    I've been looking at the two non stop for weeks and can't really decide which one I want to go for. I have no problem paying the price of the 700 but they both sound like they're sooo good. I unfortunately live in Madison where the only brands that are sold is Bose and Beats and whatever iDevice...
  18. ubs28

    IEM overrated?

    So I bought the Shure SE535 expecting that it would destroy my designer B&W P5 (much cheaper than the Shure SE535), however it doesn't. It has got a different character but I wouldn't say it's better. ( the shure sounds cleaner, thinner but more seperation while the B&W sounds full and warm )...
  19. dubstepnext

    A little advise- sony xba-40 or xba-h3

    Hi, I just bought a ibasso dx90 and decided to get a new pair of headphones. I bought the senhiser hd-700 and I also have my trustworthy Shure se535. What do you recommend? They seem quite the same just the xba-h3 is new... Thanks
  20. jdg0717

    Which High-end Cans Have the Crappiest stock cables?

    Just got a new HD700 and I wanna get some new custom cables.  Is the cable used with the HD700 crappy or is it of decent quality?  The cable on the ATH W3000 and HD800 are pretty nice and so I thought maybe Audeze is only one of the few that provides crappy cables  What are the high-end cans...
  21. spykez

    New Sennheiser HD700 or Used Audeze LCD-2

    I'm currently using my HD598 but plan on buying some new can's pretty soon.   I got a Little Dot MKIII that'll be here this weekend, and later this month I'll buy the new cans.   These days I listen to more electronic/jazzy stuff. Metal is still mixed in there but nearly as much as it used...
  22. jh7000

    How do you pick your favorite Headphone?

    So I have gone feet first into headphones and bought, auditioned, and sold a lot of headphones in the last month. I don't claim to be an audiophile.... as I started with some HD280s, then moved to HD558 and found a huge difference... so I started reading reviews/head-fi and all of a sudden I had...
  23. Brooko

    COMPARISON / REVIEW: A tale of two flagships (part deux) – Beyerdynamic T1 vs AKG K812

    Click individual images for larger 1200x800 image INTRODUCTION Anyone who has followed my comparisons this year will have noted how lucky I’ve been to have access to quite a few headphones – both owned by myself, and loaned by another wonderful NZ Head-Fier (62ohm) – who I’m incredibly...
  24. Halimj7

    Help with new headphones please

    Hey guys/girls, I thought I would never ask such a subjective question, but here goes... I am new to the hobby and have not heard many headphones. I currently own and love the Denon ah-d7100's. I also have a pair of porta pros, koss kde 250's, and ah-d2000's. I used to own pairs of senn 558 and...
  25. Cheebamaster

    Audeze LCD-2 Complaints

    I've had my LCD-2 for a few weeks now and recently set it up with Woo Audios WA7 Firefly (amazing product) The headphones sound great but I have a couple complaints. I've compared the sound to my Dennon AH-D2000, Sennheiser HD700, and Sennheiser 598,   First and foremost, my left and right...