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Looking for the "Best" Universal IEM

  1. Golila3
    HELLO~~~~ HeAd Fi~~

    I'm trying to get myself some really good high end Universal IEMs. I just don't feel like doing custom right now since my last JH-16 gave me a really hard time with fit issues. 
    I've owned/borrowed  a few IEMs in my until today and here's my ranking for SOUND SIGNATURE ONLY. ( May not be accurate since I haven't heard some of them for a while)
    UM3X = Heir 3Ai > JH16 > westone 4 > FAD heaven IV > IE8 > Shure SE 535 (missed a few that I didn't think is important)
    I listen to almost everything, but I listen to rock the most.(Any rock. From classical to heavy metal to screamo) 
    My price range would be anything below $2000 and probably above $400.
    Please tell me what you think is suited for my preference. Or just express your passion and tell me what your favorite IEM is and why it's your favorite ^_^
  2. KYacc
    You might want to try another CIEMS company if you have fit issues with jh. I ordered my Heir 4A a while ago and It fit perfectly. I've only heard the AKG K3003 when it comes to high end Universals but I did not like it for rock music. I've been lurking around for a while and so far and according to what I read, the TG334 is the most praised UIEM. The tralucent audio Universal, to me feels really interesting too.

    Since I don't really have a good suggestion, I'll say my favorite: IE80
    I'm really impressed by the Heir 4A but I still prefer the sound of the IE80 over it primarily because I think the IE80 is capable of making some bad or sibilant recordings sound a bit better.
  3. Deadlovestory

    I own Heir 3.Ai myself, and it has V-shaped sound sig with lifted bass and sparkly treble. High-end IEM that has similar sound-sig IEM is AKG K3003.
    As for UM3X, if I'm not mistaken (I've only demo'd it for a short time) it has slow-decaying full-bodied bass, forward-sounding thick mids and laid-back but still detailed treble; Similar sound-sig with FitEar TG334.
    But to be honest, with higher-end IEM (or actually ANY IEM) I'd advise you to demo before deciding to buy it. I was interested in TG334 due to the rave reviews it received, but after demo-ing it I did not like it.

    Definitely FitEar F111. It's basically an improved, more comfortable version of Ety ER-4S (They use the same transducer and have similar soundsig); Super detailed and clear, but with fatter bass and smoother top. With Accudio app I can turn it even into bass monster or whatever I want it to be (albeit at the expense of some clarity), and that's why it's my No.1 atm.
  4. Golila3
    Umm. I'm also interested in the tralucent UIEM! really hope I could get more info on it.
    !!!! WOW! Can't believe I forgot about the TG334! I used it for a while and returned it back in July 2012, I didn't really like the sound for some reason. But my taste for music did change quite a bit since then. Maybe I'll like it now. Sigh..Hope I could hear it again. Sadly, I've never heard any Ety IEMs. I heard they sound extremely transparent though! thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into the TG lineup again~ 
    I just downloaded the Accudio app by the way~ It's quite unique, I'm playing around it with my 3 Ai right now~
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Tralucent 1plus2 would be one of the main competitors here for you. Luckily soon I shall be demoing this IEM thanks to Lee730 :smile:



    There is a thread of owners and tour members here.

  6. Golila3
    Awesome, I've been following that thread for a while and the 1p2 is definitely on the top of my list! 
  7. KYacc
    Phew...I just read the whole 1Plus2 thread. From what I'm saw, this baby is quite a beast, I'm thinking about ordering one. Does anyone know how these compare to customs like JH13 or Heir 8A?
  8. punks15
    1plus2 could be a good contender too. I've compared it to TG334, 1plus2 has bigger and more spacious soundstage, sounds airier too. The TG334 sounds more coherence and harmonic
  9. mtthefirst
  10. JonnyRocket
    You could try the new Sennheiser IE800s. I don't know if there're out yet. There around $1000. Sennheisers IE8 is the top IEM in the review section.
  11. Golila3
    I've owned the JH16 before and from what I've heard from the JH16 and what saw from the 1plus2 discussion thread, I'd say that the 1plus2 has a much more "neutral" sound and a much wider soundstage. I think the JH16 is really good with details so I don't know who will win there.
    Hmm....Is it fair to say that the 1plus2 is more technical and the TG334 is more musical? How do you think the two would do for rock? I can't really recall the sound of the TG334 anymore even though I didn't like it when I first heard it.
  12. Golila3
    Yeah, I also hope I could hear the IE800 before buying any other IEMs but their non-detachable cable seriously scares me.
    Thanks! this review was really helpful. I just read it yesterday. To me, it seems like the 1plus2 will a bit too analytical. Not too many people have discussed how "fun" the 1plus2 is like people did in the Fitear thread and the Final Audio Design thread.
    Speaking of Final Audio Design, I saw someone with that 800g $8000 Muramasa in China in the beginning of this month. Sadly, I didn't get to speak to him.
  13. punks15
    Yup, for rock i would go with TG334
  14. spook76
    I would not disagree with your breakdown but I would suggest looking at the Shure SE535 Special Editions. Shure solved the roll off problem with the original 535s and for the type of music you are listning to I think the 535 Special Editions would be great. FYI, I tried for a couple if weeks the original 535s as well as the Westone 4rs before settling on the 535 Special Editions.  In my opinion, they have beauty over the analytical, neutral IEMs. 
  15. tmarshl

    I had the same issues with my JH13s.  After 3 refits, I gave up.  They sounded great, but would never get comfortable.  Even had my ear canal impressions done over again.   I will be interested in this thread.  

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