Best step up from GR07s?
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Dec 18, 2011
I've been loving the GR07s (CCE, but don't judge) for over the past year I've had 'em.

Sadly, the wiring in the left monitor was doomed from the moment I got them, as it wasn't fitted into the cable sleeve properly, and it didn't occur to me as being an issue, and they still served me well.

I think it's been long enough to shell out the cash for the upper high end tier, coming from where I am now.

My two main considerations are the Sennheiser IE8/80 (can never remember which one is the available in America one) and more promisingly, the Custom Art Music One.

They both fall in roughly the same price range, and while the Music One's offer that high end feel of being custom fit to my canals, that doesn't necessarily mean the quality is on par.

I listen to anything from softer indie music to more bite-y Alternative Rock/pop punk, with some indie rap (Gambino) and electronic-esque Alt. stuff (Chiptune pop, kind of)

Bass isn't a super high point on my criteria, but if one can pull it off better than the other, but still second to better highs and/or better lows, so be it. Also, a very minor consideration is their performance with movies, but nothing too deal breaking for me.

Any other suggestions would be cool, keeping in mind the price range of those two and the quality I'd be looking for.

I also mainly store FLAC files, not that really matters.

Much appreciated!

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