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1st time reviewer/ Sennheiser IE8/ semi-audiophile in training.

  1. HEaDAchES
    This is my 1st review on Head-Fi so I will do my best to be accurate and precise.
    I don't know all the audiophile terms but (I'm learning) i'll give you my honest opinion and thoughts on what I'm hearing.
    I decided after years and months of reading on this forum the best way to cover the IEM spectrum (for myself) was to take the best of both worlds. I chose 2 sets of IEMS. The Sennheiser IE8 and the UE TRIPLE.FI.10

    1st I would like to start with a huge thank you to SolidVictory. Who's write up and photos of the fake Senn. IE8's Allowed me to identify my current pair as the real deal before purchasing.

    I unpackaged everything that came with them. Silicone earbuds of various sizes and the Comply foam tips. I am currently using the Comply foam tips, for the 1st time and I love them! I unwrapped the phones and slid the wire into the earbooks and gently pushed them into my ears. I plugged the other end into my Iphone5 and selected my first song. Toccata and fugue in D minor by Bach. The classic entrance music of villains and monsters. I was blown away and excited all at once. The organ came to life underneath the masters hands. Each key struck sounded crystal clear, full of clarity and with little reverb. I heard the deep bass of the D key just as the IE8's reputation states. I have the bass knob set to 2. I have not needed to adjust it. My musical taste are very extreme from black/death metal to classical. Hip hop and R&B to Reggaeton and Salsa. I simply left my songs set to shuffle and play through my musical library.
    Technical songs came through as if I were in the studio for the recording. Songs like
    Lack of compression by Death. Every stroke of Chucks guitar is crystal clear, his growling voice more easily understandable than I've heard. The drums and bass are full and rich and surround you as you listen. With the IE8's on I have not heard any song sound bad. Multiple genres have played through. Techno,trance,rap,country,punk,Indy. Everything has come through sounding clearer and more present then I've ever heard through previous headphones or earbuds. True to the Sennheiser name for top quality and the IE8 reputation as bass machines. I heard incredible bass definition, clear mids and highs. Vocals as pure as when they were first sung. Guitar plucks and riffs as clear as can be. Bass crisp and clean. As many have said these headphones won't take crappy music and magically make it sound incredible. They will improve everything that you've ever heard. Ultimately it comes down to the bitrates and kps that you ripped your music at.
  2. HEaDAchES
  3. davidcotton
    Nice reviews and photos.  Maybe you'd better quit headfi now before it's too... oh it already is.
    Welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet.
    HEaDAchES likes this.
  4. Ivabign
    Are those the IE8's you bought?
    Can I ask where you purchased them? Did you get a good deal?
  5. HEaDAchES
    I had a hell of weekend in EBay! I bought these for $112.00 and I got the UE TRIPLE.FI.10 for $126.00.

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