1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. romnation

    Best cost no object IEMs for subway use?

    I have my custom ear molds made already, so I would love to get some custom molded monitors. Half my time listening to them will be walking, the other half will be on the subway train. What are some IEMs I should consider?
  3. 13sarooster

    Customs Roxanne or Universal Roxanne

    Hi Guys shout out to you from singapore, I am considering purchasing the Roxanne but i do need some advice, I am considering between getting the Universals and Customs because of the fact that i have not had a customs before therefore i am a little uneasy to try that on such an expensive...
  4. kalinowski

    Please help me decide: JH5 vs Noble Universal IEM

    Hello,   I'm ready to pull the trigger on the new pair of IEMs, I have around 500USD to spend including shipping and customs so I narrowed my choices to JH5 custom IEM Noble audio 4 (universal) I currently use a pair of hd600, but they are not very practical in the office and of course I...
  5. zachchen1996

    New JH Audio flagship! "Siren Series Roxanne"

    CUSTOM FIT MODEL - $1,649.00       UNIVERSAL FIT MODEL - $1,299.00   Musicians Hearing Solutions   Earphone Solutions  ...
  6. audioops

    Portable Nirvana

    What phone/IEM do you think gets you the closest to portable nirvana? T5p? JH13/JH16/Roxannes?  Focal Spirit Pro? NAD Viso HP50? Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors? Other?   If posting an opinion, please also list the contenders you haven't heard and so can't consider.
  7. VisceriousZERO

    JH Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Impressions Thread

      This is where we post impressions of the Roxanne as they come in...
  8. kimsnet4

    JH 13 FP VS Roxanne

    Hey guys   I currently own JH 13 FP and i love its airy, sparkly, open treble characteristics as well as its slightly emphasized sub/mid bass. Overall i feel it's 80% neutral and 20 % warm sounding. Frankly, im looking for something that has a bit more warmth, deeper base to create that...
  9. jude

    JH Audio Layla and Angie - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this Head-Fi exclusive, we take a look at Jerry Harvey Audio's two new universal-fit Siren Series IEMs, the Layla and the Angie, which will be officially announced a little later in Tokyo.   The JH...
  10. IaHawkeye

    Aftermarket cable for JH Roxanne?

    Hello, i am loving my roxanne's, but i wish i had a diffrent cable, i am not saying that there is anything "wrong" with the cable, but i really like the looks of a lot of after market cables. Is there any options out there?   Also, is it normal for a CIEM to hurt your ears after a few minutes...
  11. king8888

    Need advice: noble K10 vs JH roxanne

    Hi guys   I have been saving to get a new pair of CIEM. I'm aiming at the best and expensive CIEM I could reach in my range.   I had both owned heir audio 8A and Jh16 (none FP), I found the 8A is a bit too dark and slow and Jh16 is very mid-recessed and to bassy.   I wonder if I should get...
  12. cwfour

    JH Audio Layla vs. JH Audio Roxanne

    Hello guys and gals, After reading 8 or 9 pages of the JH Audio Layla review thread ( I felt compelled to create a profile and share my thoughts. I work in music for a living and recently decided to ditch over the ear cans for...
  13. Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM

    Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM

    JH Audio's new Flagship CIEMs featuring FreqPhase and SoundrIVe technologies.