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Customs Roxanne or Universal Roxanne

  1. 13sarooster
    Hi Guys shout out to you from singapore, I am considering purchasing the Roxanne but i do need some advice, I am considering between getting the Universals and Customs because of the fact that i have not had a customs before therefore i am a little uneasy to try that on such an expensive equipment and when i do get them and i find that  prefer the universal fit i would regret. Could any one advice me on the pros and cons on getting a universal vs customs?
  2. slayerx44
    Not relevant anymore!
  3. Thracian
    Pros of a CIEM
    - Superior fit;no tip rolling.
    - CIEMs designs were meant for large shells.
    Squeezing 12 drivers (Roxanne) can screw
    Up the tuning.
    - Faceplate options

    Cons of a CIEM
    - Fitting problems caused by ear shape.
    change/manufacturering problem
    - Waiting time
    - Big and unwieldy; you sit on it, it's bye

    Pros of a IEM
    - No wait time
    - perfect fit with tips
    - cheaper price

    Cons of IEM
    - universally made CIEMS almost always
    certainly screwed up the tuning

    If you're gonna spend $2000 on a top tier CIEM, i suggest you get it custom made instead of universal. You risk having shoddy tuning which in no way is the manufacturer's fought as the CIEM was designed for a large sized shell, not a cram-upped IEM sized shell. Plus, Universal Roxanne will protrude out of your ears quite a but. How do i know? I tried it. Basically, there's a reason why no one has a production 12 driver (or even 7 and abv) IEM. They fact is, they cant fit so many drivers inside such a small housing. Only way to do it for demo's is a compromise.

    IEMS using silicon/comply tips might also hurt your ear after a while as the tip is pressing against your ear. CIEMs do not as they are well, molded to your ear!

    Finally, I'm also from Singapore :D
  4. k3oxkjo
    I don't think there is any reason to believe that if JH brings out a Universal verison of their IEM's it will have "shoddy tuning".
    And many people have found that CIEM's are irritating to their ears, more so than Universals. The slightest imperfection in manufacture, original molds or even slight changes in one's own ears over time can lead to this. And some folks just don't like the feeling of their whole ear cavity being filled! So they each have their plusses and minuses...
  5. truckdriver
    I have faith in the common-sense of the designer. If Jerry Harvey thought the UIEM version of the Roxanne was somehow inferior sonically to the custom version, he would have named it something else (Roxy-lite, Beth-Sue, or Emma). It would not bare the flagship name (at the risk of the reputation of JH Audio).
  6. goodvibes
    It will be different and likely slightlly less like Jerry intended. Tips add to the sig bit then again, we all have different ears as well so perhaps the tip tuning will be an advantage for some. There is no comparison on comfort for a well fitting pair of customs vs a universal. The issue is getting that good of a fit in a custom and the # of refits it may take, if you ever do. If you were in the US, I'd say buy the custom but in SG, maybe not.
  7. JamesPTao
    To me there are only two reasons and two reasons alone to choose universal over a custom from a good manufacturer. If you think you might not like them and want to resell them or if sharing your audio experience is that important to you. Otherwise customs will always seal better instantly and stay sealed. They will always deliver better sound than universals. More comfortable. And generally better sound isolation which also assists sound quality.

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