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New JH Audio flagship! "Siren Series Roxanne"

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  1. zachchen1996
  2. lewisbot
    Totally getting it.
  3. NA Blur
    I am still waiting for the 20 driver unit that comes out in 2020.
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  4. alpha421
    Incredible looking.  I'm wondering if the all carbon shell is just a one-off statement piece for show only. If not, I bet it's the most expensive option ever available on a ciem, which I'm guessing will add $400+ to the base cost.  Also, it looks like JH has adopted the cables from the Sony MDR-EX series
  5. shotgunshane Contributor
    Cable connection, according to Jude's video is proprietary. 4 pins with lockable collar. He also mentioned the all carbon fibre housing is a $200 option, taking the price from $1599 to $1799.
  6. goodvibes
    Carbon fiber was quoted as a $200 upgrade. The standard unit at $1599 seems a steal. I'm plenty happy with my 13s but the variable low bass is a great idea. Bass is so dependent on on surroundings and usage that this may be the first truly universal purpose CIEM with a quick adjustment to need. I wonder if these will get the usual holiday deals.
  7. finleyville
    Since I am a carbon fiber junky these instantly gave me a Head-gasm.
    I just now have to figure out how to possibly rationalize purchasing these to me and my wife.....
    Maybe if I sell a kidney?
  8. alpha421
  9. spook76
    I would imagine that recent purchasers of the JH-13 pro and JH-16 pro are not going to be too happy that a year later they have been superseded by another new flagship. At $1600, a one year product cycle seems a great way to drive a stake in the heart of brand loyalty. And to make matters worse no mention of this new CIEM is made on the JHAudio website.
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  10. chengsta
    Did I hear that right? 15db bass boost?  Wow!  And then it also has NO effect on mids?  Now I GOTTA have it!
    My 4ktv, ps4, and xbox1 will have to wait another year then.
  11. alpha421
    First, thanks for the corretions SGS and gv.  
    Second,  sure you may have a small handful of purchaser of the JH13/JH16pro being disgruntled if they follow the latest and greatest and quantity of drivers game, but there's a big difference in price.  Until there's been a few reliable reviews, take the number of drivers with a grain of salt.  
    Congrats to JH Audio for pushing the envelope with yet another first, 12 drivers on each side.  It'll be a matter of time before every other ciem manufacture joins the maximum number of drivers bandwagon, just for the sake of having one, IMO.
  12. lookingforIEMs
    Subbed. Was looking at other CIEMs but these just FREAKIN caught my eye... Now my wallet and probably my parents are gonna hate me ;(
  13. FlySweep
    I'm a recent JH13 FP buyer.. and if I wasn't so damn impressed with the JH13, I probably would be a little disgruntled... but, I'm not.  The JH13 FP is amazing.  Period.
    I'm sure the Roxanne will be impressive.. but I'm not going to be in a rush to get it... cause the JH13 takes a backseat to nothing I've heard (even the HD800).
  14. Deviltooth
    It's very, very tempting even before reading the reviews.  I'm impressed with my JH13s and the idea of dropping another $1600 is a touch painful.  Still, if there's enough positive press I might eventually give in.... Sighs.  MAYBE!
    P.S. As appealing as carbon fibre may be if a CIEM costs top dollar who doesn't want to see those 12 drivers?
  15. shotgunshane Contributor
    I just want the all carbon fibre shell! I'm happy with the jh13 too. Hopefully this bass tuning tech works its way down to the future universal offerings that are supposedly in the works.
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