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JH 13 FP VS Roxanne

  1. kimsnet4
    Hey guys
    I currently own JH 13 FP and i love its airy, sparkly, open treble characteristics as well as its slightly emphasized sub/mid bass.
    Overall i feel it's 80% neutral and 20 % warm sounding.
    Frankly, im looking for something that has a bit more warmth, deeper base to create that warmth, and a little bit more oomph to the base.
    I am considering the Roxanne.
    I read all the posts about roxanne and from them i have an idea of what it will sound like.
    Some of my worries are that roxanne can sound quite dark and thick. I really like the open/airy sound of my 13 but i would really appreciate more warmth.
    Also i've heard people say that roxanne's high is really laid back. Is it really? 
    i know that roxanne requires a lot of burn in time for its real sound and its potential to shine.
    I would really appreciate if people who have had experience with jh 13 and roxanne could give me some advice.
    should i get it? or should i just stick with my 13
    Thank you ~ 
  2. nardkumz
    Definitely interested in inputs from roxanne owner, i own jh13 pre FP now, it's good, but considering roxanne for more bass and particularly clearer mids

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