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Best cost no object IEMs for subway use?

  1. romnation
    I have my custom ear molds made already, so I would love to get some custom molded monitors. Half my time listening to them will be walking, the other half will be on the subway train. What are some IEMs I should consider?
  2. tinyman392
    I'm not too knowledgeable about customs, so I can't help you with a specific model, but I do know others will want to know the following information:
    1. What kind of music do you listen to?
    2. What kind of sound would you prefer (if you don't know, say so)?
  3. mottykytu
    One other important : "How much can you afford?"
  4. tomscy2000
    Not for this person --- the topic line lists, "cost no object"...
  5. Eugguy
    JH audio Roxanne siren. Buy two. One for you. One for me.
  6. romnation
    I prefer as natural and organic of a sound as possible. Somewhat warm, but not overly warm to the point where all the sparkle is lost. I really like my LCD-3s, but I want something that is a bit more portable. I listen to just about everything from electronica to folk. Natural, unlobated bass is definitely an important factor when it comes to playing back electronic music. 
  7. tomscy2000
    These are probably the CIEMs that fit your desires best (in no particular order):
    JH Audio Roxanne
    Noble Audio K10 or 8C
    Westone ES5
    UE Personal Reference Monitor (you can tune the sound to your own liking)
    FitEar MH334 or 335DWSR
    Spiral Ear SE5-Way
    CustomArt Harmony
    No time to really go through all of them in depth, but I'd be happy to answer any questions on why these are the suggestions I've made after you've done some research.
    With regard to "subway use", both acrylic and silicone monitors attenuate sound about the same, but their most isolating areas lie in different frequency ranges. SIlicone attenuates more deeply in the vocal band, while acrylic attenuates better overall. Soft-tipped acrylic CIEMs with the VarioTherm material attenuate very slightly better than fully-hard acrylic, but the difference is somewhat negligible.

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