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Aftermarket cable for JH Roxanne?

  1. IaHawkeye
    Hello, i am loving my roxanne's, but i wish i had a diffrent cable, i am not saying that there is anything "wrong" with the cable, but i really like the looks of a lot of after market cables. Is there any options out there?
    Also, is it normal for a CIEM to hurt your ears after a few minutes of use? it sounds and feels like my roxannes have a perfect fit, but my ears hurt after a hour or so of having them in and it is worrying me somewhat. 
  2. Kyle76
    I'm interested in the comfort issue, as well. I am getting my first pair of CIEMs and have read that many require tweaking to achieve optimum comfort. What should one expect in terms of comfort initially? Do they require getting used to, or should they be totally comfortable from the get-go?
  3. IaHawkeye
    i would also like more information on the fit. Thank you ^_^
  4. IaHawkeye
  5. LiteKirby
    If the fit hurts your ears after about an hour or so, the fit might not be perfect. Even if it seals and sounds good, it shouldn't be applying painful pressure or anything. It does take a bit to get used to them, but if after a week it still hurts, you might wanna try their online tool and check where the pressure points are and see what they can do to help you.
    As for after market cables, I saw one by plussoundaudio at the SoCal meet, not sure if it's available yet, and I believe Moon Audio is releasing a custom cable as well

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