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Need advice: noble K10 vs JH roxanne

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  1. king8888
    Hi guys
    I have been saving to get a new pair of CIEM. I'm aiming at the best and expensive CIEM I could reach in my range.
    I had both owned heir audio 8A and Jh16 (none FP), I found the 8A is a bit too dark and slow and Jh16 is very mid-recessed and to bassy.
    I wonder if I should get k10, an improvement of 8a or JH roxanne, a whole new flagship of JH.
    My source is sony F885 + apex glacier.
  2. tin427
    Not dark but not bright, mid forward but not into your face, bass is detailed and punchy but not too excessive?
    You are just describing the k10.
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  3. Mimouille
    Honestly I ordered the CF Roxanne months ago and I think their aweful communication and customer service should be punished. Go K10.
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  4. king8888
    Oh really? Can you describe a bit of the K10?
    Wow, that's stink. Can you tell me what you have gone through with JH?
  5. Mimouille
    Just take a look at the Roxanne thread. Carbon Fiber orders from October are barely starting to arrive and JH is unable to give an ETA for November orders. When you ask for answers, if they answer at all, they send you copy paste emails saying please be patient blablabla. I really think this brand does not respect its clients Plus they have still unresolved cable problems.
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  6. king8888
    Oh, I see. I had read those complaint. Personally I had ordered a Roxanne universal but I just cant stand the waiting time with more than 2.5 months. I did cancel my pre-order.
    I thought they fix the cable problem, and many members have got their Roxanne. So I think they had fix their errors. I really like the concept of adjustable bass of Roxanne.
    The reason I don't prefer is that I hate paying import tax, and Noble don't have the policy declaring lower value so that customers can avoid tax.
  7. bobeau
    A few days ago I said if I had to do it over again I'd get the K10 instead of the Roxanne.  Now I've spent some time with it, I *really* like the Roxanne... knowing what I know now, if I could wait and get some more impressions in, I probably would do that.  So far there's only 2 people who own both customs and spent significant time with them - one prefers the K10 and while the other prefers the Roxanne.  
    Yes, the CS of JH is kinda craptastic - but I have faith that everyone who ordered will get theirs, and all issues reported seem to be handled.  
    The cable issue is 'fixed' insofar that it doesn't exist with the clear cable, so they've been shipping it with that.  Eventually they'll have a metal nut for the black cable.
  8. king8888
    So only the clear cable fix the screw problem, the black cable is still unfixed?
  9. bobeau
    The clear cable never had the issue.  Apparently it's a different type of plastic.
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  10. king8888

    Oh I see. I don't want to see the cable turn green like my old jh16 cable.
  11. king8888
    still need advices
  12. bobeau
    There are huge threads you can research...
    That said, I'm going to say something that is for sure pretty controversial, but I'm going to say it anyway - I've been here a decade and seen some crazy stuff.
    There's been alot of cult-of-personality typess on Head-fi, some over time have proven to be (all IMO) good - (Schitt, Ray Samuels, Audio-GD), some bad (MIkail/Singlepower, Smeggy/Thunderpants... actually alot of very fly-by-night operations have come and gone), some neutral (VModa, Xin).  
    JH Audio has roots back to the beginning.  For years when I first joined head-fi the UE10 was *it*.  The triple-fi was a consumer class earphone that is legendary - and of course JH left that association and formed JH Audio.  Out of all the products, which ones didn't quite make the mark?  The JH-3?  But down to their core competancy, actually producing in-ear monitors what flops are there, really?  The UE-18 was released after he had left the company. This guy has been doing this for 20 years, heck he pioneered the multi-driver custom in-ear monitor.  
    People are still rocking 5 year old JH13s and they hold up - not top of the line anymore, but they're still competant workhorses.  No one's going "yeah, in hindsight, those weren't as good as oringally hyped".
    Sure, business skills, customer service, etc, are not the forte of that operation.  That's true of alot of small companies that have an enthusiast base.  But they've been around and aren't going anywhere.  They're not going to take your money and head for the hills, and leave you with a sub-par product and wash their hands of it.  Yet frustration might be a part of a experience.
    Now Heir... the 4 series.  Head-fi was *ablaze* with excitement and accolades over this monitor.  It was flavor of the month to the third power.  How does it fare now?  Wow, that huge null null spot in the mids.  Yeah, pretty ho-hum.  How about the TZar 350?  Interesting experiment, yeah?  The 8a?  Well, the Heir devoted sung its praises, but now it's overly thick and sluggish, not good.  The 5?  You get my drift.  What models from the company can anyone say in hindsight that the hype was justified?  
    John Moulton is certainly a cool dude, he's a Dr. of Audiology, and his designs are mind-bogingly beautiful.  Massive props to that.  And I fully believe the K10 is a killer unit.  But I can't help but feel there's that hype train somehow continuing to fuel the good emotions behind the current products (which people very strongly like to say are distanced from the original Heir line, some of the same people who said they were all that and a bag of chips back then).  But at these prices... I'd be hesistant.   Guys like Joker and VivZero are saying the Noble stuff kicks ass, and that goes a long way.  But I'd either push to listen to a demo before a purchase (which I'm looking forward to as Noble will be at the big LA show), or wait longer - at least 6 mos, to get more impressions rolling in between those who own both.
    In short, empirical evidence says JH Audio is the sure shot.  But Noble may really be in the midst of taking the lead.  
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  13. king8888

    Thanks bobeau
    I think I will go for JH roxanne. I will wait for the next discount event on the JH website to make my order. How often does JH have discount event?
  14. Mimouille
    I would agree with you analyis Bobeau, as I was one of the first to criticize the blind Heir fanboyism. And I opted for the Roxanne. However some quite realiable people I know, and who did NOT like the 8a, prefer k10. Now I think k10 and Roxanne will be comparable in level, but at this stage K10 guarantees a better customer experience.
  15. bobeau
    Mimouille, I'm right there with you on that.  
    It's just at this $$ level, I'd probably opt to wait for the dust to settle to get a clearer picture of why one might pick one over the other.  There's so much bad blood thrown in JH's direction right now, rightly so, but I feel that some of it might sully the thing that matters most, which is how they sound.  For the cost this is going to be most folks one and only for the next several years.
    Personally, I knew going into this that JH was a pretty sloppy outfit when it came to new releases (following the JH3a saga) and only took the leap based off of the strength fo the 13s and the BF discount.  If it weren't for that I would have sat back and watched this play out.  W/ the Mentors in the mix as well...
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