1. romnation

    Best cost no object IEMs for subway use?

    I have my custom ear molds made already, so I would love to get some custom molded monitors. Half my time listening to them will be walking, the other half will be on the subway train. What are some IEMs I should consider?
  2. miguelito

    Noble K-10? Enough Bass?

    Ok, that's a catchy article and one that I'm sure has been discussed at infinitum...   I'm about to order customs. After reading a boatload, I still have the question...   The best portable / semi-portable sound I enjoy comes from (in this order):   Mac + Ray Samuels Predator + AKG-701...
  3. jelt2359

    71 IEM Brief Review thread (incl. Rhine Monitors, Cleartune, CustomArt)

    Scores to Date- Click to read review. If unclickable, the review is on this post. (Scroll down!)   The Best (9.6 and above) Earwerkz Legend R: 9.7 (Comparisons with the NT6 here, under the NT6 impressions) Noble K10: 9.7 CustomArt Harmony 8/8 Pro: 9.7 JH13/16 FP: 9.7 Hidition NT6/6 Pro...
  4. jelt2359

    EarWerkz Legend R. 8 Driver, 7-Way, 6-Crossover Flagship | discussion thread

    In the midst of all the Kickstarter madness, JH reflections and so on, I thought one flagship IEM has been a bit neglected. The Legend R. Competitive prices aside (I try not to consider price, since that doesn't quite help to keep upgraditis at bay), I think this is one of the best sounding...
  5. OneL0ve

    What's the best 10 driver universal IEM right now?

    I am looking to buy a 10 driver universal IEM this Black Friday.    I am currently looking at the Noble Audio Kaiser 10U or the Unique Melody Mentor Universal.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  6. yeongman

    Fitear 334 vs noble k10

    Hi guys, I've recently managed to get my hands on a demo set of the Fitear 334 and did a comparison against the Roxanne. The Fitear 334 just blew me away. Was going to pull the trigger on the Fitear since I'm flying off to japan tomorrow, but I saw that there's a 20% sale for Noble Audio's...
  7. synesthesiac

    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    I recently demoed some really high-end IEMs (top of the line Ultimate Ears, Noble, and Aurisonics) and they raised a lot of questions in my head. Here are some of those questions:   1) What parts to they use? That is, do different manufacturers use the same drivers and whatnot? If so, I'd like...
  8. VisceriousZERO

    Tales from the Batcave - Me and my friends review stuff.

    INTRO: Hello everyone! As many may or may not know, I collect headphones, IEMs, and even CIEMs. I usually put them down in a nice private space (as my friend calls it, "The Batcave") and get together with a couple of friends to listen and comment on them. We then decided to start a thread on...
  9. Frank I

    Noble K10 Universal Appreciation thread. For those interested here is Chris thoughts on the amazing K10 Universal.
  10. lupusromanus

    Need some advice on Noble K10 vs JH roxanne vs Unique Melody Mentor on specific genres of music rock / metal, old school acid/ trance

    I'm looking for some advice on which of this Noble Custom In-Ear Monitors [ K10 vs JH roxanne vs  Unique Melody]  would  fit best for this genres.  I'm looking to pair it with Iphone 5 and CE Hugo. Any advice would appreciated.  Some of songs I usually listen fall in classic doom,funeral...
  11. CRonaldo

    SE846 vs Roxanne universal

    I am heart broken to have lost my SE846 recently. I ordered the Noble Kaiser 10 to compensate but although I have it on rush order I find the wait intolerable ( I just ordered today). I decide that I will get an universal to fill the gap as the Apple earbud is simply an insult to my ears. I...
  12. drewhaj

    Upgrade cable for Noble K10?

    Hey everyone, got my K10's in a month ago and need advice on a good upgrade cable to match these. I listen to mostly hard rock and metal. Need smoother, less sibilant highs and better bass as most of these recordings are poorly mastered. I'll be running it through my rsa intruder balanced...
  13. bobby12

    Is it bad to jump straight into expensive customs?

    I've never owned a CIEM before. Would it be a bad idea to buy a $1000+ CIEM from the start or should I start with something smaller? I have a general idea of what I want, but not exactly since I don't have that much experience yet. I want something like like the se846 with good mids/bass, but...
  14. SilverEars

    Which CIEM is the most realistic and accurate with most details(most revealing)?

      Oh, yes I did.     Now, let the comparisons begin.         I guess it would be hard to find many people that own all of them.  Please comment on which sounds the best even if you don't have all of them or own more than one on the list to do a comparison.    Thanks, SE
  15. angelo898

    Noble audio k10 or unique melody mentor?

    Can anyone who has both or has heard both chime in on how these 2 compare?
  16. project86

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

          The Wizard is back! For those in the know, there was never much doubt. It just didn't seem possible for someone with such a passion for his craft to stay away from the custom IEM game. But let's start from the beginning for the benefit of those who are just now arriving at this saga...
  17. vkalia

    Noble K10 vs JH Roxannes

    Now that the Roxannes are out, does anyone have any A/B comparisons?   I did audition both of them briefly last week but at different shops, and so find my impressions a little unreliable when it comes to the comparison.      Any comparisons on how they rank in terms of lush midrange and...
  18. Keenan

    Looking for a dac/amp for CIem

    HI everyone,   I am going to purchase Noble Audio K10,so i am looking for a dac that had a balanced connector. Main purpose is for listening music with my laptop  So far , I am interested with RSA Intruder , Cyber LAB dB, M8. Which one will be the best option for k10?
  19. Sorensiim

    [Review] Noble Audio Kaiser 10 - The Wizard Rises Again

    Disclosure: This particular set of Kaiser 10 is a review sample from Noble Audio.   It made some serious waves here at Head-Fi when Dr. Moulton, perhaps better known as “The Wizard”, as well as his entire staff parted ways with MDSP, the parent company of Heir Audio. MDSP announced that they...
  20. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Noble Audio Kaiser 10: 10-driver Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitor

    Synopsis: The Noble Audio Kaiser 10 is at the summit of custom in-ear-monitors representing the flagship of new designs from Dr. John Moulton. The Kaiser 10’s 10 drivers have been brought together seamlessly for superior coherency and a very realistic, natural sound. These drivers give great...
  21. king8888

    Need advice: noble K10 vs JH roxanne

    Hi guys   I have been saving to get a new pair of CIEM. I'm aiming at the best and expensive CIEM I could reach in my range.   I had both owned heir audio 8A and Jh16 (none FP), I found the 8A is a bit too dark and slow and Jh16 is very mid-recessed and to bassy.   I wonder if I should get...
  22. Noble Audio Kaiser 10

    Noble Audio Kaiser 10

    The Kaiser 10 (K10) custom in-ear monitor is a design that was first conceptualized several years ago. Wizard and Kaiser Soze recently reverted back to the original design and used the knowledge they gained over the years to build upon it. Out of honor and recognition for Kaiser Soze’s...