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Fitear 334 vs noble k10

  1. yeongman
    Hi guys,

    I've recently managed to get my hands on a demo set of the Fitear 334 and did a comparison against the Roxanne. The Fitear 334 just blew me away.

    Was going to pull the trigger on the Fitear since I'm flying off to japan tomorrow, but I saw that there's a 20% sale for Noble Audio's gear today. I must confess that I am rather tempted.

    But I really hate to buy anything without testing it first. Would anyone who's owned both have a good comparison? Especially since it doesn't look like I'll be able to test the noble audio gear anytime soon...
  2. yeongman
    Anyone? Alternatively, is there anywhere in japan that I can test the Noble audio K10 demo sets?
  3. bobeau
    I own a CIEM Roxanne (for 4 months) and the 334 (for 1.5 years), as well have heard the the K10 demo for about a half hour or so.
    If you prefer the 334 to Roxanne, I think you would really like the K10.
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  4. Loquah
    Hi bobeau. I'm contemplating a 334 purchase, but just learned of the K10. I specifically love the way the 334 creates such a perfect image and sense of depth in the music. So how would you compare the K10 to the 334?

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