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    Fitear TOGO 334 DEMO@Jetliveaudio
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    Fitear TOGO 334 DEMO@Jetliveaudio
  3. tankteh

    Could someone identify these IEM's?   I would appreciate it if you could identify these. Also, how would they compare to the fitear to go 334's? Thanks.
  4. danielghofrani

    what are some top tier universal iems these days?

    Hey guys,  I am thinking about upgrading from Shure SE535. I listen to a lot of classical and opera. I need an IEM with good soundstage and seperation. the reason I don't want to venture to customs is because: 1- they seem quite expensive 2- the added costs of impressions and shipping...
  5. Spyro

    Why Are Asian IEM Designers Trebleheads?

    Is it just my imagination or are all (most all) of the IEM's designed in Japan and most other parts of Asia very treble heavy.  Conversely, the majority of IEM's designed in USA and Europe are warmer and bassier.   Odd.....
  6. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  7. SilverEars

    Your top Japanese IEMs (can you rank the ones you have heard? Or point out ones you like)

    Hi, I don't have much experience with Japanese IEMs except Fitear TG334.  I know there are lots of threads about Japanese iems, but I think it's better for me to ask those that have lots of experience with them to rank them and list them.   So, can you rank Japanese iems you have tried from...
  8. JohnCaza

    Best Quality Lows, Mids and Highs IEM (when money is not an issue)

    Hey guys and gals (but probably mostly guys haha)   I'm a hifi enthusiast and I'm looking to acquire my first pair of IEMs. I'm currently running an HD650 with great cables and terminations from a Lavry DA11 (probably not the ideal setup for a lot of the critics here however I'm also a music...
  9. EveTan

    The Glorious $1000 Nuggets-An appreciation for the little ones [1Plus2, TG!334, FAD Piano Forte IX, Ocharaku Kaede...and more]

    It's time to give back, After two years of Head-Fi fun.   Below holds (will hold) the thoughts of various esoterica I collected over the past few years. I will most likely be updating this again soon after I get all the other thoughts typed up. But first, the 1P2 has priority as it will be...
  10. sue4

    Fitear Melomane

    Just tried at Jaben Indonesia and the first impression was so - so. It is very sharp and clear and also has very good separation but a bit crowded. Some said that the overall sound quality is a level above To Go 334, but I felt a way better impression with TG334 than with this one. At approx usd...
  11. yeongman

    Fitear 334 vs noble k10

    Hi guys, I've recently managed to get my hands on a demo set of the Fitear 334 and did a comparison against the Roxanne. The Fitear 334 just blew me away. Was going to pull the trigger on the Fitear since I'm flying off to japan tomorrow, but I saw that there's a 20% sale for Noble Audio's...
  12. scorpio187

    FitEar ToGo 334 - HELP Find Online resellers

    Hey guys, I need a new pair of these babies and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place online where I can get one.   ps I've tried ALO Audio, but they don't have them atm.   Thanks in advance!
  13. Kylemcg

    Best IEM available?

    Well, I've been researching a high end portable set of headphones, I'm too young for customs to be an option, so universals it will be. A couple that I've looked at are: Sennheiser ie800 Heir IEM 8.0 Shure se846 Fitear Togo334 Akg k3003 I am interested in any and all opinions and comparisons...
  14. acadia

    Anyone have se846 vs fitear go 334 comparison?

    I've never heard the 334s myself but hear, pun intended, they are sonically legendary, especially if you like that musicality mid forward sound. Which is why I like shure, I have the 846es, how do they compare to the 334s? And how the hell do I find 334s these days, does fitear have replacement?
  15. sc67slk

    Looking for Fitear ToGo 334 eartips

    Hi guys new here :D,   I am looking to buy fitear togo 334 eartips. Anyone knows where can i buy them?  Any reccomendation?   Thanks guys
  16. mordicai

    Ups and downs of of my first few day's with the 334tg's

    Received them on Friday from ALO Audio. Seems like it took about 6-10 hours for them to do most of their burning in. A huge change in SQ  over that time. Put on my HD600's a few minutes ago, for the first time since Friday. Been wearing the Fitears's most of each day. My first pair of IEM's...
  17. JuzModa

    Fitear f111 vs 334

    Hi anyone can tell me their differences? I heard 111 is a baby 334 :)
  18. karistep

    If you have to keep only one...

    If you have to keep only one high grade universal iem... Tralucent 1plus2 Fitear togo 334 melody 3dd Jvc ha-fx800 Flat-4 sui Rhapsodio rdv+ v1 Akg k3003 Heir audio 5.0 Tdk ie800 T-peos h200 Earsonics sm64 Which one will you keep ?
  19. V

    Shure 846Ear vs Sonic S-EM6 vs FitEar To Go 334

    Shure 846Ear vs Sonic S-EM6 vs FitEar To Go 334, which should I go for. I like instrument and vocal clarity, spectrum separation, subwoofer bass, but not really a bass head.   I've listened to EarSonic SM64, Shure 535.   Had Sony XBA-4, and FinalAudio Fi-BA-SS without any use of DACs.  ...
  20. SoundFreaq

    The New Age of Portable Audio

    The new age of Portable Audio   The rise of universals and the slow decline of custom IEMs   There is a paradigm shift occurring with universals that is shaking portable audio to its core. The old-schoolers are having trouble wrapping their brains around what’s happening, and the new...
  21. Tinola

    Should I get one over the other??? (High end IEM - fit ear/ westone)

    Just getting back in the hobby right now, so I don't have any equipment right now. But I'm looking for a portable setup that I can bring anywhere(from my house to the library etc.) So I'm kinda stuck with two or three options(Can't do custom iem): Either get the FitEar To Go 334 without a...
  22. sonickarma

    Suggested upgrade from PFE 232

    Can anyone suggest a Universal upgrade from PFE232   I have already previously owned:  Westone 4, Heir 4A   Would fitear f111 be an upgrade?
  23. meiaen

    Help a heartbroken man in toronto decide for his first CIEM

    First off I have a westone 4R although i love the mids and the soundstage i felt that the high is kinda boring and the low is a bit slow so i decided to ditch it and sold it today now I dont know what to do im looking for a custom IEM or Univesal IEM but my budget is around 600-1000 and there is...
  24. Zhiqiopera

    Brief review on FitEar To Go 334

    I just came back from a portable equipment exhibition in Nakano, Tokyo,  and it was great to have met Head-fiers there.   I went there only to try the new FitEar To Go 111, the 2nd universal of FitEar. It was great, worth the price level, but not exactly the elegance I wanted for. I was also...
  25. nickif

    Now I'm confused - Quick impression on JH 16pro, Westone ES5, UE 18Pro AND....FitEar To Go 334

    This is probably my first thread, as I'm really excited about what I've just heard.    First of all, some background about myself. I don't consider myself as a total inexperienced as I did spend quite some time on headphones several years ago, where I ended up with Mark Levinson No. 31 + ML...